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Collaboration Plus Accountability Could Equal Magic


The Women’s Business Circle is designed to bring women business leaders together in a collaborative work space.

A Collaborative Circle means a space for people to come together and brainstorm ideas — creating something new or different from what they have already created.

Collaboration — is the bringing together of ideas that results in something new.  If you are a woman, then you know that when a group of women come together — and start working on a problem — magic happens.  There is brilliance that creates something incredible.  Imagine the potential of an INTENTIONAL collaboration space?  What could happen?  Now the idea starts to emerge and the group wants to see it happen….


Now we start seeing this natural accountability happen. People are asking — How’s it going?  What did you do to make it happen?  People are invested in your success!!  Now, that is powerful.

But there is more to accountability then just your collaborative solutions.  You have goals and dreams and visions that you have been working on. Maybe you’ve made progress and maybe you haven’t.  Now, you have a plan that lays it all out AND gives you a built in accountability system.

Imagine putting together a strategic plan that excites you, that is focused and doable, that creates the vision. THAT, is exactly what happens in the Women’s Business Circle with our Best Year Yet™ Planning system.  But it is more that the plan, because we gather together monthly to review the plans, the challenges, the successes and that makes each person more accountable then most have been for years.

Okay, think about it, you decide to join the Women’s Business Circle, we work together to get your plan just right and you tell everyone in the group about it.  Now, next month you come to the monthly circle and say, “oh, I didn’t do a thing on the plan.”  Could you? I couldn’t. I would be up til 4 AM getting everything done, even the night before the meeting if I hadn’t done anything. Why? Because of my pride. I said I would.  I told other people.

Accountability in a group can be powerful.


Magic?  Really?  Well, I think when women gather together in a collaborative space — that alone produces magic.  Everyone leaves excited, inspired, motivated.  That is magic.  Everyone starts accomplishing more than they expected and more than they had imagined.

Magic by definition is exciting and wonderful, it can create a move or change or a creation.

Can women together create magic?  Can they help each other create businesses that thrive and expand and prosper?

I think with the combination that the Women’s Business Circle has – training resources, collaboration space, strategic planning, accountability meetings — the ingredients for real magic are there.  They just need to be used to see the expansion.

Learn more about the Women’s Business Circle –>> HERE —>>

5×5 Challenge – Day 1

Just kicking off the 5×5 Action Challenge today!!

The challenge is five actions for five days for five weeks for a five degrees shift in results!! Day 1, itself was a challenge, due to meetings and commitments.

But, here I am working on the five actions for today!!

1. Blog Post — Launch the action plan!!

2. Instagram Post — share image on Instagram, like and share other posts.

3. Facebook Post — share blog post to: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

4. Engage with people on Twitter and Instagram

5. Co-Promote — share at least five posts via co-promote.

Tomorrow’s plan looks totally different!  I will be doing a Periscope LIVE — on Launching Your Dreams — making WILD Ideas Happen. Posting on five social media platforms following the Periscope to share that with people and embedding that live feed onto this site.

Yesterday’s webinar — guides you through the planning process — which is simple and flexible.

You can jump into the challenge at any point.  You can watch what I am doing and do it on your own, or you can join the 5×5 Challenge!!

Next week’s webinar will be announced on FRIDAY! So be sure to watch for that too. Click below to join the 5×5 Challenge!!

The BIG Goal for the 5×5 Action Challenge is to create new and different results in your  business, from where you are right now.  Many, many business owners find that they are doing alot but not getting the results they want. What if, instead of continuing on down the same old path, you were to shift the actions each day?  Can that shift, even a small shift, change your results.

To do the 5×5 Action Challenge — you do not have to spend more money on marketing. Just take consistent, daily ACTION.

Here’s the Kick-Off Webinar!!

EnVision 2016

When You Fail To Envision the future…. can you really take the right actions to get you there?

summitVision + Action = Results

I have been a long time believer in vision.  Not so much in the law of attraction working on its own, but I do believe that without a clear vision, it makes it hard to create the right strategic plan to get you to that vision.

I found that when I biked across the country. It was the strong vision of biking across the country that gave me the direction for creating a bike route and a plan.  If I just set out to bike for 6 months I could have stayed home and ridden with the bike club in circles — round and round.

That clear vision allowed me to create a strategic plan that we focused on implementing.  The results — a route across the country, places to stay each night, 10 service project locations across the country and lots of places to visit and see.

I use this as a metaphor for business.  In business, your vision is what drives you.  Sharing that vision, expanding the vision all contribute to your ability to create strategies for success.

When the vision is unclear or non existent it is hard to really grow your business.  You can perhaps keep it going on a day to day — riding in circles fashion.  But to really grow you have to be aiming at something — clear and compelling.

That vision drives your actions.

Each year, I take some time to look at my vision, to review it and refine it and create that new strategic plan for the upcoming year!

It isn’t about New Year’s resolutions.  It is about — a clear and compelling vision for the future.

I offer a complimentary webinar each year for my contacts as well — called EnVision 2016.  It is usually fun…

Bring your colored markers, paper, pen and enthusiasm and take an hour to create your vision for 2o16.

Register HERE

Building Your Lead Generation System

Having a Lead Generation System is KEY To Your Business Success.
lead generation system

Many small business owners fail to create a lead generation system that includes a lead capture system. Generating new business leads and then not capturing the leads info fails to be a system.

Whether you are doing newspaper ads, radio ads, or online marketing you still need a call to action that leads to your website that is a lead capture system.  The easiest way to do this is to have a call to action that has a compelling offer.  Typically that compelling offer is a free offer.  A report or white paper or tip sheet or video series are all ways that you can encourage visitors to opt-in.  The key is having something of real value that your prospect wants.

Once you have the prospects contact info — name and email, minimally, you can continue marketing to the prospect. This is your opportunity to continue to build your relationship and rapport with the prospect.

That marketing continues to guide the prospect in the buying journey.

Buyers want to do business with people that they know like and trust.  This is relationship building.

The relationship is you and your prospect.

Build it carefully.

Your lead system can bring new customers to your business that are eager to do business with you, because you have provided value, value, value.

Content is your pre-seller.  Craft your content or information to give your prospect and customer information that helps to solve their problem and keeps them coming back to you to work with.

Blogging and email marketing are two of the best ways to deliver content to your prospect.  These can also be syndicated to your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  The syndication brings in new traffic to your site, where people can see your call to action.

This is what becomes part of your system.

IF you just drive traffic without the system in place to capture the traffic into your system, then you are missing key leads, that are visiting and bouncing off of your site without a way to continue building the relationship.

Be sure to pick up my strategic marketing video training here:

Learn one of my most powerful marketing strategies with this 3 part video series:

Business Networking for Business Growth

business networkingNetworking as a business building strategy

Networking is a great business development strategy when done right! But many business owners fail to have a complete strategy for networking!  There are several keys that make networking work better!

Networking Key #1:

Messaging.  Have a compelling message and call to action when you do your 30 second or 60 second intro.  Many business owners say their name, their company and what they do, but they don’t say how they solve the prospects pain.  You need to get to the pain and leave some intrigue so that people will want to talk with you.  Your goal is to enter into a conversation!  When you have a compelling message — then people will walk up to you and say I need to talk with you!!  That is what you want. Check out the resources at Compass Rose Consulting and download the template for a highly effective elevator pitch.

Networking Key #2: Your Business Card

The second key is to have a business card that is a lead generation tool.  When you buy business cards you are buyiing your very own piece of advertising real estate.  BUT, many do not fully utilize that real estate.  Include a call to action on the back of the business card that people will want.  This is where you can add your special offer.  The offer should be an informational report that they can download from your website… which brings us to Key #3; but be sure to download the business card template on the resource page as well: CRC Resources

Networking Key #3: Landing Page With Offer

The business card is leading people to your website or landing page with a compelling offer on it.  A special report or informational report that the individual can download.  This gets the person on your mailing list and you now have the opportunity to continue to market to them. I have a template for the report on my site as well as the landing page.  A landing page is a 3 page website.  The page with the offer, the optin confirmation page and the thank you page.  The only thing that a person can do is to optin or leave.  Most websites are big branding sites that fail to have an offer on them or a way for people to be in touch other than a number and contact us form.  Neither of these work effectively.  When you add a compelling offer to the site, then you increase your leads and can work on converting leads to clients.

Networking Strategy Key #4

After the optin, you need an email marketing series that goes out to people automatically. This is called an auto-resonder. There are many great programs for auto-responders   – Aweber, Get Response, Zoho Campaigns etc.  Email follow up is the first step in your followup strategy.  But you need a follow up plan along with scripts for you and your staff.

The three steps for using networking effectively are also available in a video training series.  You can access the video training series from my Marketing Center.  I offer these videos for free at the marketing center on the home page.  The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Center itself is a comprehensive training resource that provides a one stop shop for marketing strategies with a focus on the five step profit formula.  Everything that we have put together guides you through putting a strategy into action for your business.  The resources from ads, to templates, to video training are all there to benefit the members.

Take the networking strategy and see if you are maximizing it for your business. Download the templates in the resource area — they are absolutely complimentary… and tweak what you are doing.  Let me know the results that you have.  If you need some help — schedule your mini marketing audit with me:  Meet With Donna

Stop Wasting Your Resources!

Today you’re going to learn how to find a target market of potential customers so you aren’t wasting precious resources on blitz marketing. So, the two questions you have to ask yourself are:

  • What do people really want to buy from me?
  • What related products are they already buying?

Once you figure this out you will know who is more predisposed to purchase your products/services. Then, you find other businesses with the same customer base who you can customer share with. Come up with an incentive and great arrangement to encourage both of your customer bases to shop at both of your stores.

The basic concept is this:

You want to find existing businesses who have the customer profile that you are looking for to market your products/services to.

Then strike up a relationship with those business owners to work out an incentive for customers to purchase from both businesses.
Read More…

Should You Throw In the Towel?

Should I throw in the towel

When is it the time to close your business?

When Is It TIME To Throw IN The Towel?

Operating a business is not an easy task.

I have always relied on 3 principles or values:

  • commitment

  • perseverance

  • risk.

It takes all of these to make it in business.

If you are considering going into business, if you don’t have these traits or characteristics you should throw in the towel before you start because these are essential.

Once you are in business, you have to keep going back to these.

 A long time ago I learned about commitment when I was rock climbing.

YOU have to make a commitment.

YOU have to make a commitment.

I was high off the ground.

You know stories grow as you tell them, and at one point in this story I was hundreds of feet off the ground, but really probably about 30 feet off the ground.

High enough!! I was stuck.

I could feel the next place for my foot but it was just out of reach. I could see the hand hold but I couldn’t reach it. Precariously perched on the side of the mountain I searched for alternatives. My belayer (the person holding my rope/my life) was patient with me. After I had exhausted all of the possibilities and didn’t find an alternative, he said, “you have to commit to the move, you just have to go for it. “ He meant I had to let go of the safety of my perch and reach out, risk and make a commitment to making it to the next hold. I took a deep breath and did it. I made the move and I learned a lesson.

In my business I have used that lesson over and over.

There are many metaphors there:

  • taking a risk,
  • staying focused and on my path, and commitment.
  • commit to the move
  • commitment is 100% — you CANNOT be wishy-washy

When I have questioned my business I go back to the rocks of Joshua Tree National Monument and remember that it takes total commitment to be successful in business and that I have to “commit to the move”.

Next is perseverance.

should i throw in the towel?

Reaching the summit takes perseverance.

I learned this lesson biking across the country from Maine to Oregon.

Now that in itself takes some perseverance, but the real lesson came in Wyoming in the Big Horn Mountains.

We had to cross the Rocky Mountains somewhere and the Big Horns looked like the best option. The climb was 30+ miles long. For me, that means I am biking between 3 and 6 miles per hour for a very long time. There I learned that no matter how slow I was going I had to keep pushing that pedal to make it to the top of the mountain. There are times when in business it feels like a BIG mountain climb. Some days the mountain is not as steep and the climb isn’t as long and some days it is a very long climb. But I also know that it is perseverance that keeps me moving my business forward. One of the tools that I use is an accomplishment list or journal. There are days when you are climbing that mountain or putting out fires that you just can’t see what you have accomplished. An accomplishment journal helps because when you start listing all of the things that you did do, and it is amazing. It can energize you and keep you moving.

Risk is a willingness to make bold moves....

Risk is a willingness to make bold moves….

Finally is risk. Business is risk.

You are stepping out of the comfort zone of a JOB and into being an entrepreneur.

Not everyone can take that risk and live with that risk.

Sometimes the risk lasts for a long time before the payoff comes.

You have to know yourself and what you can tolerate and what your life can tolerate.

When you are in business you are in the driver’s seat and you are making the decisions about what is acceptable.

It is vital that you are looking at your entire business.

You need to have your finger on the pulse of your organization in several areas:

 Vision –

  • You need to have a clear and compelling vision that helps to energize you and draw you into the future.
  • Be clear on what you are creating so that you don’t get distracted or pulled off track.

 Strategy –

  • Create strategies to accomplish the vision.
  • Keep your strategies in front of you and know where you are with each strategy.
  • So many strategic plans get put aside and never referenced after they are created.

 Money –

  • You need to know your numbers.
  • This is one area that I was never good at.
  • My business did not start taking off until I put my finger on the pulse of money.
  • You need to know what is coming in and going out.
  • Know the numbers.
  • Know what it takes to make you profitable;
  • Know where you are now and how far away you are from that profitability.

 Staff –

  • Know what is going on with your staff if you have them.
  • Know their vision and their passion.
  • And stay in touch with what is happening on the floor.
  • There is incredible information there.

So, What Do You Do When the Pulse is LOW?  This is perhaps the hardest question you will ever answer.

YOU have to make the decision and you need to rely on several factors.

First, listen to your own wisdom.

Many times we know what we need to do and we ignore the inner voice that is telling us.

We get further down the road and in hindsight it is clear and then we can even acknowledge that we know.

Listening to yourself and your feeling and gut is important.

But you also have to be a wise business owner. That means that you have to take a look at the facts in front of you. You’ve been paying attention to your business. You know its current state and you know its growth.

Evaluate: Current Status, Growth History and Growth Potential

  • What is the current status of the organization?
  • Are you still investing money in it?
  • Has it been 3 years?
  • 5 years?
  • Can you afford to continue investing?
  • Does that fit into your life plan?
  • Or is it self-supporting?
  • What is the growth history?
  • Has the business been growing?
  • Adding new clients?
  • New customers?
  • Is that growth consistent?
  • Does the product or service remain in demand?
  • Have you evaluated the potential growth of the product/service?
  • Do you know your market?

If your business is struggling have you exhausted all of your marketing strategies to bring in new customers or repeat customers?

 As the business owner considering throwing in the towel you must not leave any stone unturned.

If there is a marketing strategy that you haven’t tried because you are personally uncomfortable with it, now is the time to get comfortable. For instance, if you are not tech savvy and don’t like being on the Internet – you have to have an internet presence. You cannot be in business and not have an internet presence. You must have a social media presence.

Are there things that you can be outsourcing that will free you up to do the sales side or development side of the business? As the owner or CEO your role is to build the business and develop the business. This may mean networking, connecting, landing new clients, new investors, new products or services. You know what business building looks like in for your business. What are your business development strategies? Do you have the time to carry them out? If not, what can you delegate in order to do that?

If you are spending your valuable time doing non-essential tasks then you need to re-order what you do so that you can do the essential and fundamental task of business building or business development.

Make a list each day of the essential money focused tasks and do them first.

Delegate or outsource the other tasks.

Many business owners have discovered the magic of outsourcing. Suddenly, you have the time to make more money. You have handed off jobs, you are paying money to have someone else do them and you are making MORE money!

Should I Throw In The Towel

How sweet is that? What can you hand off? Now is the time to figure that out.

But, wait, you still have the towel in your hand and you are still unsure whether you should hold it or throw it.

So far you have taken a look at your business owner characteristics of commitment, perseverance and risk taking; you have evaluated the current state of the organization and the future growth potential; you have looked at all of your marketing and sales strategies to be sure that you are doing EVERYTHING you can to bring in more clients and more business; and finally you have taken a look at yourself to determine what other things you can do to grow the business and what you can outsource or delegate to free you up to do that. After taking a look at all of this and listening to your inner wise voice, it should be pretty clear what to do. You know what to do. Hard decision. Hardest ever, but solely yours to make.

Whatever you decide to do it is important to do it with style, with grace and with the utmost professionalism.

  • Do not burn bridges.
  • Do not do anything to harm your reputation or that of your staff, your vendors, your board or others.

If you throw in the towel, make sure it is clean, that it shines brightly and provides everyone involved the most potential for future success possible.


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