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Identifying Your Business Goals

Increase Your Marketing Success With Business Goals

Before you get into marketing your business, you need to identify its business goals. Although we take for granted that a business’s goal is to increase revenue, that’s not the end of the story. There are many other types of goals companies strive to achieve.  We create a strategic plan as well as a marketing plan.  The marketing plan is based on the goals of the business.  If we market a service that is not part of our business strategy, then what is the point?  The business plan, strategic plan and marketing plan all need to be in alignment.

Product Creation

Some businesses are driven by the desire to offer excellent products that make life easier for all of us. Your business goal may be to create the most innovative products on the market. This is a wonderful goal because products are at the heart of any business’s success.  As you develop new products or services, you also want to create a marketing strategy that works with them.  A marketing plan is a constantly evolving document to accommodate the changes that occur within the business.

Customer Service

Your business’s goal may be to serve your customers and help them solve their problems. It may also be to lend help to the community or to strengthen the community of your customers. This is also an excellent choice because good customer service leads to more sales.

Customer Retention

Your goal may be to not only gain new customers and increase revenue, but to keep the customers you have. Businesses do this by creating a community for their customers and by remaining open to their feedback in order to improve their products or services.

Growth and Expansion

Maybe your business’s goal is to grow and expand, eventually moving into new markets and new enterprises. If this is the case, conducting market research to find new areas would be a major part of your overall strategy.

I find that the Internet is often a place that many businesses can expand to.  Most brick and mortar businesses do not think about creating revenue from the Internet. Yes, they think of new clients coming from the Internet or online advertising, but they don’t think about offering services directly on the Internet.  There are many ways that this can be achieved depending upon the business.


A major goal for your company may be to tighten up your processes. This might include challenging your salespeople to reach an ever higher sales ratio or streamlining your shipping in order to reach your customers more quickly.  One way that this can be achieved is with a goal but then regular accountability and engagement meetings.  Many, many businesses fail to check in with people on goals consistently.  When we use Best Year Yet™ with businesses, this monthly check-in is built in and what I see is an increase in productivity and follow-through on whatever the goal is.

Changing the World

Some companies have as part of their vision to enable social change. Your goal might be to make the world a better place through the use of your products and services. This is a goal for many companies that produce environmentally-friendly products or work to streamline their operations so that they’re more ecological.  There are several different models for changing the world or having a social impact.  Some businesses have a buy one/give one model, like Tom’s Shoes.  Others make a donation to a cause for each purchase or a percent of profits.  Others support mission trips.

Increasing revenue and profit isn’t the only goal of most businesses. Look at your business currently and ask yourself what other goals you have. This will help you as you plan your marketing.

Join me for the upcoming webinar Three Keys of Marketing Success to learn more about how to improve your marketing plan.

Why Business Blogging

Why Business Blogging Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan??

There are some really good reasons to include business blogging in your marketing plan. It remains an important strategy that should not be ignored or blogging

Marketing plans come in all shapes and sizes. The right marketing plan for your business depends on many different factors. But one thing all businesses have in common is that they can benefit a great deal from blogging.

Blogging is a tactic used in content marketing. When you write a blog, you publish a steady stream of fresh content. This content draws traffic to your site and earns new readers, while also building a relationship with the readers you have.

Business Blogging Is Simple but Effective

Many small businesses don’t want to blog because it’s ‘writing’ and you’re not a ‘writer.’ But blogging is extremely simple. This is why it makes a perfect element in an online marketing plan.

Blog posts can be as short as 300 words or even less, but generally I recommend 400 words. They can include videos and images. Each post can cover one simple topic and the writing doesn’t have to be magazine-grade. Write in a conversational tone like you’re talking to a friend and proofread so that there aren’t any grammar or spelling mistakes. The thing is that you ARE an expert in your field. You have knowledge and expertise that you can share.

The way to blog headache-free is to set aside a little time each week to write and post. Carve out an hour or so to write something and post it. If you have a team member who can write well, delegate the task to them.

How to Get Ideas for Business Blogging

The other trouble many people have when they start blogging is where to get ideas. Here are some simple places to get ideas for your blog posts:

 Answer questions customers often ask
 Teach readers how to do something simple step by step
 Discuss news, current events or hot topics on other blogs
 Answer questions from forums, Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers, social media or blog comments
 Start by looking at popular keywords and write blog posts around them.

Keep an idea file. Spend some time brainstorming topics at first and then add to it whenever you get an idea. Whenever you need an idea, refer to this file and start writing.

Working a Business Blog into Your Marketing Plan

Decide what topics your blog will cover and at what frequency you’ll write and post. If you add a blog to your website, you’ll boost your site’s SEO and give visitors more to do there. You can also use your blog’s analytics and its reader comments to learn more about your target market and its tastes.

Blogging can become the HUB of your marketing plan, bringing traffic back to your website.

Think about it.  If you have questions?? Reach out!!

Is there LOVE in Business or Education?

Could LOVE be the answer?

The end of the school year is here and I have been thinking a great deal about our education system and its impact on our children.  It is not all good.

I have been having so many thoughts about education and educators as we navigate the last days of the school year.

As a parent, we have spent a great deal of time working  with our daughters on their goals through education.  With a Master’s in Education myself, I have a bit of background.  My perspective definitely changed with children. But I think I always worked and managed with heart or good intent.  A wise young woman that worked with me at camp always said to “assume the best first.”

Yes, some wonderful things have happened for my children and those of our friends, but it has not been without challenge and some damage along the way.

I believe that education should be a ‘Do NO Harm’ profession.  But I know that historically and currently there are educators that do great harm to the children in their care.  As a parent, it is horrifying to watch and challenging to figure out how to prevent it, confront it and resolve it.

I’ve been reading a new (to me) author, Rivera Sun.  Her books each focus on non-violence, non-violent resistance and love; even radical love.  She has me thinking and reflecting about myself and how I interact with people and also how the schools are interacting with my children.  What if we all started from a place of radical love?  What would change?

I think about this in business as well.  What if we each were driving our businesses from a place of radical love?  How would that shift your business?  How would it change who you served, how you served them and even who was attracted to your business?  It seems like it could be really good.

How do we each communicate?  Do we start from a place of love or somewhere else?  I know for me, sometimes, I am reacting to something and it is emotionally charged.  But what if we each stop and breathe first, go to our heart and then start?  What changes in how we are doing our business or education? Does it change how we see things?

I did a webinar a month or so ago on heart felt marketing and I talk regularly with people about loving your marketing (a real challenge).  But what I am talking about right now, is going even further — loving ourselves, our business, our customers, our kids.  If we operate from a place of love, we can change the world.

So, how do you use LOVE in your conversations?  Do you start there?  Are you like me, and need to concentrate on this a bit more?

What would change in your life or business if you started from a place of love and stayed there throughout your interactions?

Thanks for reading my ramblings here today…. join the conversation about love — love in education, love in business.  Let me know YOUR thoughts.

Bizology — The SCIENCE of Building a Thriving Business

Bizology.Biz Updated and Improved…

Several years ago I wrote a business development program and created a membership site.

Memberships are incredible business models…but I digress.

My point here today is about its evolution.

I have rebuilt the membership area and added, added to it.

Bizology — The SCIENCE of Building a Thriving Business!! 

It continues — to provide incredible resources.

What we’ve really done is take other courses and add them into the Bizology.Biz program.  Some of the courses, actually many of them are video courses, including:

How to do:
–>>Facebook Ads
–>>Instagram Ads
–>>Video Marketing
–>>List Building
–>>Business Assessment
and more….

Bizology.Biz — will give you the strategy piece and then the tactics that you need to really implement good sound marketing strategy.

Most business leaders fail when they fail to market effectively.  And, I have been there myself. I was totally clueless.  I had to learn HOW to market effectively and HOW to implement effectively.

Without those keys in place it is hard to make a business really work for you.

Make sure that you are learning the pieces and then putting them together into effective strategy. Bizology.Biz makes your business development easier and becomes a go to resource.

Bizology – The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Center

Bizology.Biz Updated and Improved…

Several years ago I wrote a business development program and created a membership site.

Memberships are incredible business models…but I digress.

My point here today is about its evolution.

I have rebuilt the membership area and added, added to it.

Bizology — The SCIENCE of Building a Thriving Business!! 

It continues — to provide incredible resources.

What we’ve really done is take other courses and add them into the Bizology.Biz program.  Some of the courses, actually many of them are video courses, including:

How to do:
–>>Facebook Ads
–>>Instagram Ads
–>>Video Marketing
–>>List Building
–>>Business Assessment
and more….

Bizology.Biz — will give you the strategy piece and then the tactics that you need to really implement good sound marketing strategy.

Most business leaders fail when they fail to market effectively.  And, I have been there myself. I was totally clueless.  I had to learn HOW to market effectively and HOW to implement effectively.

Without those keys in place it is hard to make a business really work for you.

Make sure that you are learning the pieces and then putting them together into effective strategy. Bizology.Biz makes your business development easier and becomes a go to resource.

Reverse Cold Calling

Reversing the cold call can create a warm call instead!!

When you change the dynamic of the cold call, to one where the prospect is CALLING YOU instead, suddenly the dynamic has changed and that impacts the interaction.

It is amazing what happens.  People are calling you back instead of answering the phone.

They want to KNOW why you called.  You have reversed the cold call.

Suddenly you are able to have a conversation about whatever it is that you have to offer.

It is still NOT a sales call.

Your MISSION —>>> (Should you decide to accept it!) is to GET THE NEXT APPOINTMENT.
That’s it.  What is the next step?  Identify that right now!  What do you want the person to do next?  Make another appointment.

For me, it is a 15 minute screen share.  Interested in learning this strategy — well, it takes 15 minutes.  Would you  like to schedule that?  I need you to be in front of your computer and have access to the Internet.  That’s it!!  That is my next goal.

So, what is yours??  This is part of your marketing strategy. Putting together each step and connecting them with your NEXT step.

With our Direct Voice Mail Messenger, I am leaving a personal voice mail message on the prospects phone. They are either calling me back AFTER listening to my message or they are calling me back WITHOUT listening to my message.  I have reversed the cold calling because now they are initiating the call.  And for the most part, it is a different experience.

What’s my next step —>>> a script.  Yes, a plan for what to say WHEN they call.  My goal on that call —THE NEXT APPOINTMENT — the screen share.

During the screen share — I need to have a plan for my next step. What is my goal there?  What is the NEXT STEP I want to happen?

Every single strategy that you use should be laid out like this. Step by step by step.

Have a plan. Use it, then tweak it, then use it again and tweak it again, until it is really working for you predictably.

Webinar: The Heart in Marketing

Join me on Tuesday March 21st at 1:00 PM (EST) for Heartfelt Marketing

Spend just 45 minutes with me as we explore key strategies for heartfelt marketing — connecting with your peeps or your tribe or people!!

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If you are like most small business owners that I know, then you find marketing to be one of your biggest challenges. HOW do you get more clients or customers? HOW do you stand out in the crowd of competitors?  HOW can your business succeed in this business environment?

You are NOT alone!! Tuesday we will spend some time exploring 6 strategies that can make a real difference to you!

I am sure that you are using some or maybe even all of these strategies, but are they working?  Are you getting new business leads?  Do you have ANY conversion?  Is it the strategy or is it HOW you are using it?  Is it making sense to your connections?

During the webinar we will be covering — yes, six strategies but we will also be looking at HOW to make them more heartfelt — more engaging.  Connecting with people — PEOPLE directly.

Reserve your seat and join me.  Can’t make it, sign up anyway!! I will get you the replay following the webinar!

Collaboration Plus Accountability Could Equal Magic


The Women’s Business Circle is designed to bring women business leaders together in a collaborative work space.

A Collaborative Circle means a space for people to come together and brainstorm ideas — creating something new or different from what they have already created.

Collaboration — is the bringing together of ideas that results in something new.  If you are a woman, then you know that when a group of women come together — and start working on a problem — magic happens.  There is brilliance that creates something incredible.  Imagine the potential of an INTENTIONAL collaboration space?  What could happen?  Now the idea starts to emerge and the group wants to see it happen….


Now we start seeing this natural accountability happen. People are asking — How’s it going?  What did you do to make it happen?  People are invested in your success!!  Now, that is powerful.

But there is more to accountability then just your collaborative solutions.  You have goals and dreams and visions that you have been working on. Maybe you’ve made progress and maybe you haven’t.  Now, you have a plan that lays it all out AND gives you a built in accountability system.

Imagine putting together a strategic plan that excites you, that is focused and doable, that creates the vision. THAT, is exactly what happens in the Women’s Business Circle with our Best Year Yet™ Planning system.  But it is more that the plan, because we gather together monthly to review the plans, the challenges, the successes and that makes each person more accountable then most have been for years.

Okay, think about it, you decide to join the Women’s Business Circle, we work together to get your plan just right and you tell everyone in the group about it.  Now, next month you come to the monthly circle and say, “oh, I didn’t do a thing on the plan.”  Could you? I couldn’t. I would be up til 4 AM getting everything done, even the night before the meeting if I hadn’t done anything. Why? Because of my pride. I said I would.  I told other people.

Accountability in a group can be powerful.


Magic?  Really?  Well, I think when women gather together in a collaborative space — that alone produces magic.  Everyone leaves excited, inspired, motivated.  That is magic.  Everyone starts accomplishing more than they expected and more than they had imagined.

Magic by definition is exciting and wonderful, it can create a move or change or a creation.

Can women together create magic?  Can they help each other create businesses that thrive and expand and prosper?

I think with the combination that the Women’s Business Circle has – training resources, collaboration space, strategic planning, accountability meetings — the ingredients for real magic are there.  They just need to be used to see the expansion.

Learn more about the Women’s Business Circle –>> HERE —>>

Working Towards A Socially Responsible Business

Being a Socially Responsible Business

Being socially responsible as a business has always been a goal and an important one.  But this year, I have taken it on even more consciously.  We are striving in a more dedicated way towards that goal. I interpret social responsibility as two fold — one is how we treat people  — pay fair wages, fair exchange for services, work with other socially responsible companies and secondly — is an environmental focus — how we operate and how that impacts the earth. We are taking actions in both of these areas and like most values and goals — we are striving but aren’t perfect (yet)!

Some of things that we are doing:

Building a list of resources here on the website for you
Working towards Green Business Certification with Green America
Reducing paper usage (I love printing reports out so this is BIG)
Contributing to organizations that support women in business
Talking about social responsibility
Moving our bank accounts to a Credit Union that invests in the local community and education and does NOT support investments in guns, big oil or other companies that are not within our guidelines.

What actions can you take that would improve your organizations operations and feel good for you and your team?

Being socially responsible can feel really good.  When you increase your giving and outreach into the community it feels good.

There are many ways to achieve this.

–>>Create a volunteer day for your staff to help out in the community.
–>>Take on interns within your organization
–>>Give to organizations locally — food banks, homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters… whatever organization is a good fit for you and your company.
–>>Let your team know that you are giving and supporting the community.

You can also write a press release about your giving, but that shouldn’t be the WHY of the giving, just a side affect.

Involve your team in making giving decisions.

You could have team members submit ideas for organizations to support and pick one organization each month or each quarter that you support.  Have them share WHY that organization is important to them.  Include their WHY in your company newsletter.

Participate as a company in events — create a running team or cycling team or other team that can participate in events that raise money for a charity.  Now you are achieving multiple things at the same time.  You are accomplishing some fundraising and charity work, you are getting your team working together, and they are doing something that is healthy!  It is a true win-win-win strategy.

However you decide to increase your company’s social responsibility – start today with one action and grow from there.

There are so many ways to improve. Here are a few more ideas.

1. Recycling
2. Eliminating Styrofoam
3. Adding solar power
4. Reducing your carbon footprint
5. Buying only recycled paper and paper products
6. Using earth friendly cleaning products

Of course, there are many, many ways to improve your operations and make them more earth friendly, sustainable and socially responsible.

So, what are the things that you are doing in your company?  How do your values impact your operations? Do you feel that it is important or valuable to operate in socially responsible ways — why or why not??


Using Instagram Video Ads

How to create your first Instagram video advertisement?

Over the past few years, there has been considerable growth in the Instagram user base, making it a perfect place for marketers to showcase their brands.  Over 600 million people are hanging around Instagram, and people from 18-35 years old are higher in numbers.

Instagram ads basically work like other social media channels with an advertising feature. It’s easy to understand the flow and set up an advertising campaign, but before you begin, here are some key points to remember.

  • You must have an active Facebook page and Facebook ad account.
  • You must set a Call to action
  • You must set a budget before starting
  • Most importantly, you need visual content, such as a square image, landscape image and a 60 second long video.

Join the Instagram ad bandwagon by following the steps below to create your first Instagram video ad.

instagram video adsStep 1: Link your Instagram account to your Facebook page

Before starting, you need to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page. This will allow you to create ads through the Facebook power editor.  To get started, go to your Facebook page and click on Settings in the top-right corner. In the left column, click Instagram Ads, and then click the Add an Account button on the right.

If you already have an Instagram account then, select the existing account, enter the user id and password and click confirm.

If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can create one from within Facebook. Select Create a New Account, enter a username for the Instagram account and type in your email address. When you’re finished, click Confirm.

Once you’ve finished all the steps, your Instagram account will be connected to your Facebook page.

Step 2: Know which types of ads you can run on Instagram

For Instagram ads, there are three objectives of ads: clicks to your website, mobile app installs and video views.  These three objectives will hold three key ad units within them: image, video and carousel ads.

Image ads are standard photos with a button driving users to click upon them. Video ads are the same as image ads, but consist of video in place of the image. Carousel ads are a series of images that users can browse.

Step 3: Target the right audience

Just like Facebook ad targeting, you can also target your Instagram ads. Not all targeting options are available in Instagram. The only targeting options required are location, age and gender. The rest of the targeting options can be used if you want more control over who can see your ads.

Step 4: Use attention-grabbing visuals

People are highly attracted toward visual content, and Instagram is full of rich visual content, whether it be video or images.  If you want to drive high results, make use of compelling videos and images that draw user attention. Try and avoid using stock images, because people viewing the ad can easily recognize them.

Step 5: Include a call to action

A call to action in a post increases the click rate. In Instagram, there are no stipulations about the amount of text that can be used with images. This provides marketers with the opportunity to create ads with heavy text and complex stories. Also, you can directly use a call-to-action in your video and photos.

Step 6: Leverage popular hashtags

Instagram is highly driven by the use of the hashtag. Make use of 2-3 relevant hashtags, which will allow your ad to be found easily. The strategic use of a hashtag allows businesses to improve their brand visibility quicker compared to other social media channels. #smallbusinessmarketing #smallbusinesssuccess #publishedauthor #keynotespeakerin