Your Positive Thinking Can Help You to Manifest Change


How Does Your MIND impact YOUR life?

Your Positive Thinking Can Help You to Manifest Change 1We’ve all heard amazing stories of rags to riches stories, people who’ve turned their lives around and went from zero to hero. Yet, even as we marvel at their success, we never think that we are capable of such ourselves. It is such negative thinking that keeps us at our low-paying jobs, stuck in our crappy little apartments and in our mediocre lives. But we can change our lives, simply by harnessing the power of our minds, specifically the power of positive thinking.

Like all things in life, learning to turn negative thoughts into positive ones will take time, but the process itself is really quite simple.

Use These Four Simple Steps

  • Stay fit and healthy. A healthy mind needs a healthy body to reside in. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one the fundamental ways to stay positive without any psychological involvement. Regular exercise is scientifically proven to elevate mood and reduce stress. A healthy diet is also essential – make sure you fuel your body with the right foods.

Of course, we know this.  And it is harder than just eat healthy and exercise.  But it is important to KNOW that it impacts more than your health. It affects your relationships, your mindset, your interactions, your results.

  • Use positive affirmations. Many of us are our own worst enemies, constantly pulling ourselves down with negative self-talk. Encourage yourself with daily positive affirmations and drown out the voice of negativity.

Positive self talk is important.  The things we say in our heads can truly be destructive.  Rewriting the self talk can have a huge impact on your mindset.  Journal it, listen to positive songs, uplifting talks, videos, read positive quotes….. Take time each morning to get yourself in a positive frame of mind. Make it part of your daily practice.

  • Choose your company well. Negativity, like positivity is contagious. Surround yourself with positive people who support you and avoid those who sap your energy and motivation with their relentless negativity.

Naysayers don’t help you.  Your belief gets shaky. Surrounding yourself with positive, successful people can be inspiring.  Laugh, have fun, play all should be part of your practice.

  • Smile! The simple act of smiling is physically proven to help you stay positive and make you more happy Allow yourself to be open to humor, share a laugh with a neighbor or smile at the cashier when she rings up your purchases. You’ll be surprised at how good it’ll make you feel.

It seems too simple, but a smile changes your mood right in that moment. It is hard to be mad when you smile.  It is hard to be sad when you smile. Smiling, saying hello, doing these simple things change YOU, your mood and your connections with other people. When you smile at someone, they tend to smile back.  When you say “hello” or “good morning”, people smile and say it back.

Practice these simple steps everyday and eventually you will find yourself breaking away from the chains of negativity.

Start changing your life today!


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