Your Marketing Message

Do you have a clear marketing message?  Are you sure?

Marketing messages need to be crafted carefully and not be full irrelevant jargon.  Often we see marketing messages that say things like:

  • high quality
  • trustworthy
  • ontime
  • well trained staff

But aren’t these things that we expect.  If you order a meal don’t you expect it to taste good?  Or if you are installing a new kitchen, don’t you expect it to be done professionally?

So, are you including this type of jargon in your messaging?

If you are, then it is time to regroup and rethink your marketing message.  Craft one that is focused not on you or your company or its features but rather on the client or customer.  What is the problem that you solve?  What is the customer pain that you address?

Do you help reduce pain through your chiropractics?

Or do you do a 5 day headache free kitchen makeover?

What is the pain?  This is where you need to start. Brainstorm a BIG list of pain points for your customer or client.

Here is the pain for my clients:

  • not enough business
  • not enough money coming in
  • not enough new business leads
  • marketing that costs a lot but doesn’t return a lot.
  • overwhelm with all the marketing that needs to be done

When I craft a message then it starts with the pain and identifies who the customer is:

I work with small business owners who feel frustrated with all the money they spend on marketing without getting great results.

So, what is the beginning of your marketing message?  Who is the customer and what is their pain? Leave your comments below.


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