Womenpreneurs Gathering in Circle

Womenpreneurs Gather
The power of women gathering in a circle….

Women have been meeting and gathering in circles for centuries, perhaps eons.  They have gathered to work, to cook, to study, to sing, to share, for rituals, and spiritual journeys throughout time.  Some women’s groups at churches were called Ladies’ Circles. Women gathered around the world to change the world through their ability to vote, these women — the suffragettes did change the world.

In a circle, there is an authenticity that is shared.  When you sit in circle you can see everyone. The hierarchy dissolves or is not evident.  Using your voice becomes easier. Women gathering in circles can be an incredible place to be, to do good work, and connect with other women.

When you remove the objects in the center as in Whole Person Process Facilitation or Open Space Technology, the energy blocks to healthy exchange are also removed. When the center is cluttered with unfinished business, conflict, or even just flowers it affects the energy of the circle and the ability of the circle to be open.  Opening a circle, creates a safe space for the people in the circle.  It provides a space for people to share deeply, not just on the surface.

impact circle
This is how I envision circles of impact — connecting, expanding, radiating and cascading out. My ability to create the image is limited, but this captures it a bit.

In a business circle, this can be powerful.  When a group of women business owners come together, passionate about their businesses and connect, then magic can happen.  With a group of women, it is even more powerful.  There can be sharing, support, input, feedback, connection; that each inspire and motivate the people in the circle.

When groups come together in a collaboration space or mastermind space, they start to hold each other up and hold each other accountable.  Accountability is one of those words that has become negative.  But imagine how your business changes if you are accomplishing all you set out to… and why aren’t you doing that right now?  Could someone, or a group of someones help you to do that better.  Its accountability.  A good thing.  It keeps our momentum going.  Kind accountability. Inspiring accountability.  Now you are soaring.

Another thing that happens in a group is the connections that lead to collaborations or idea shares that also propel businesses forward.  When these happen… new magic is being developed.

Women in Circle

Business can be done in isolation. But it is definitely more fun, when there is a group of people that have your back, are on your side, are in your corner and are helping you figure out your path to success.  visionary womenpreneursSuddenly, you are no longer alone, wondering if you are making the right decision, or figuring out how to do that newfangled social media. You have a community of women with you.

The power of circle work is incredible from both a participant perspective and a facilitator.  It is by far the best way to work with groups, have meetings, do strategic planning, visioning, just about any type of meeting is better in a circle.

The new Womenpreneurs  Inner Circle Mastermind  is a community working in circle to change their businesses, their lives and their communities.  I believe women will change the world, are changing the world, and will continue to inspire a world based on kindness, love, generosity and compassion.  It is getting exciting to imagine the possibilities for each member of the circle, to imagine how they can each impact each other and the world.

When women gather — magic happens.

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