Winning Sponsorship Letters – 6 Steps

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Win Yourself a Corporate Sponsorship through Writing –The Sponsorship Letter

It takes the right amount of aptitude and attitude to get things done. This is also applicable in trying to attain financial backing from donors. A number of essential skills are required, and one of these is the ability to sell yourself to land a deal.

One way of selling yourself or your idea is through writing.

Before any face-to-face meeting is established in any deal-making, there is always the preliminary of formal and matter-of-fact introduction and purpose that needs to be done. Writing a successful letter is a very good way of getting noticed.

Getting financial backup or sponsorship by the big time businesses is something that should not be unplanned. The skills needed in creating a winning sponsorship letter are not at all difficult, but needs an amount of thinking to be effective. Below are what to consider when writing a sponsorship letter, and will help create a positive response from the organization you have chosen.

Consider this.

You should have a variety of candidate sponsors in mind that you want backing up your event or organization, but also consider the interest each sponsor has. Similar interests among all sponsors should be targeted. Carelessly choosing any organization to sponsor your event will most likely generate bad results.

Research is essential in choosing sponsors. Taking note of the cultures of sponsors in relevance to your business or event is important and proves helpful when addressing key issues when writing your letter.

Another important point to consider is what the company will get in return if they decide to sponsor. You should understand that sponsorship is basically a give-and-take relationship, and the appeal of gain for corporations is a key in getting them as sponsors. Money is not just thrown away by big companies so it is ideal to consider what form of exposure they will get as a key in your relationship.

Your letter’s format

In putting together your sponsorship letter, it is best to be direct and to the point. No one wants to read a letter and have to guess the reason for reading it.

Below is a breakdown on how your letter should more or less be arranged:

First Paragraph: This part should be an introduction of your event or business and the amount of money you want donated. It is essential to keep this brief and not too much of flattery or embellishment.

Second Paragraph: This part should be a more detailed account on the benefits of your event that you provide, such as non-profit programs and the like.

Third Paragraph: This area in your letter showcases a personal story from one of the customers or clients. Letting the potential sponsor see the impact you make on those who patronize your business and the kind of good it brings them can be achieved with storytelling or case studies.

Fourth Paragraph: In this paragraph you should refer to your sponsorship proposal which outlines the levels of sponsorship and basically discuss what the corporation will get in turn if they decide to sponsor your event.

Fifth Paragraph: Don’t beg, but be clear on stating your need for assistance. Re-state your reason for writing, the amount you prefer to be given and how beneficial it would be to them, you and your customers.

Last Paragraph: As with most letters of request, always include a thank you part in the last paragraph. Thank them for taking the time to evaluate and considering the request. Also provide your best contact information, with an offer to review the materials directly with you. Be clear that your intention of staying in touch by including a follow-up call.

The combination of your sponsorship letter and sponsorship proposal should provide a clear picture of the opportunity, the impact and the benefits.

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