When Do You Drink Decaf?

Yesterday, I was returning from an intensive mastermind meeting. We spent two days working on our own businesses and each others. There were incredible connections made, joint ventures formed and new friendships started. Terri Levine, my coach and mentor, gave us tons to think about, talk about and most importantly take action on!! Just incredible. Driving home (2 hours), I stop at the rest area to buy some DECAF coffee. You know, its late, and I don’t really want to be up all night. I am traveling with very little cash and need it for the tolls. But, I do have a $25 Starbucks card!! Yeah, I can get good coffee!!

I wait in line, and head up to order. I ask for a super large DECAF coffee. This seems like a simple enough request. I don’t want espresso or a latte or anything fancy, just plain, old fashioned DECAF coffee. The young man says “We don’t brew decaf after noon”. To which I say “WHat??” Baffled, I cannot believe that Starbucks really believes that people don’t drink DECAF after noon. When on earth do they drink it. Everyone I know, or just about, drinks decaf in the afternoon or evening because they don’t want to be up all night. Especially, if they are drinking Starbucks. Well, I left, I went to another vendor and sure enough they had a fresh pot of DECAF coffee. And home I went, frustrated and baffled by the odd behavior of Starbucks. So, when do you drink DECAF? Scroll down and take my survey. It is on the right side, orange box!! Thanks

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