What To Do When The Webinar is Over


What To Do When The Webinar is Over 1What to Do Once The Webinar is Over??

Believe it or not now that your webinar is over the work begins! If you do not do these following things after your webinar you will not be successful repeatedly which is necessary to make a lot of money in this venue.

Follow up — Always follow up with participants, especially those who did not purchase anything within 48 hours of participating in your webinar. You should be segmenting lists, so when participants signed up for the webinar they got put on one list, depending on where they signed up, and then if they made a purchase they are moved to another list. All of this is automatic with your newsletter service and should be set up immediately.

Thank presenters– If you had other presenters besides yourself, please remember to send them a thank you note and even a nice thank you gift. Even if it was an opportunity for them to also promote their own products and services by participating in your webinar they gave up time free to you without any guarantee of a sale.

Thank participants — Send a thank you note to all your participants whether they purchased or not, this is also a good time to either send them a free link to the recording, or offer them the recording at a discount.

Get personal — Be sure to give an extra special thank you to those participants who asked live questions and actively participated because it takes a certain amount of guts to ask questions and participate especially if they know they are being recorded and of course they should know if you are going to record them.

Rinse and Repeat — Repurpose the content, republish the visuals and the recording, offer discount to participants, sell full-price to others who missed it. You can also repackage all the content created by having it transcribed and put into a eReports to go along with the recording.


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