What Do You Think?

I have been working over the past several weeks to bring all of my small business coaching together under the “roof” or brand of Bizology.Biz.  I believe so strongly in the program and its effectiveness for small business owners that I have moved most of my material from Compass Rose Consulting website to the Bizology site so that it becomes a one stop resource!!  You will find all of my posts here, back issues of my newsletter, articles, video tips and all.

What I am working to figure out is this:  Do I change the name of my newsletter to include Bizology — I’m thinking “BizologyBuzz:  Business Resources for Entrepreneurs”.  Do I keep the same name?  Bearing Points:  Build Your Business Success Now, or do I come up with something totally different?  What do you think?

And then, it raises the question for the Radio show too!! Do I go with BizologyBuzz as a name for the radio show OR do I stick with Entrepreneurs Talk Radio?

I would love your thoughts and ideas.  What speaks to you?  What is more fun, engaging, enticing?  Leave a comment or vote in the poll to the right.


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