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website building toolsWeb Site Building Tools — Essentials

Every business needs to have an online presence and website. So, let’s look at some of the tools that I use!

A website starts with hosting. I have used MANY, MANY hosting companies and have settled in at WPX Hosting. Their hosting is reasonably priced.  It is easy to set up a new site and add it to your hosting account.  SSL certificates are easily installed. It operates on a cPanel which is my preferred backend. Support is great and always ready to help.

Website HOSTING: WPX Hosting

SSL: Secures your domain and is now preferred by Google. So you want to have an SSL certificate on your site. It means you will put in ‘https’ instead of just ‘http’. It provides a level of comfort to your visitors.

It used to be that websites were built in HTML code or website designers used software such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage. NOW, most sites are built using WordPress or other content management programs.

I love building sites using WordPress — self hosted!  It is important to understand the difference.  You can build a site on but that is not a self-hosted site.  There can be pro’s to it, but for me, I think the con’s out-way the pro’s.

WordPress can be installed onto your domain via the cPanel. And then the real fun begins.

The look and feel of your site is controlled by the theme.  You can select a free theme inside of your wordpress installation or you can buy a premium theme.  Almost every single site is built on a pre-designed theme.  Many themes can be customized to your colors.  Do not fall for a designer that is telling you that they are building a theme for you from the ground up.  I don’t see it happening. I have paid for that and later found that the theme was a premium theme, customized.

I currently use Brizy Builder ( and Organic Themes Builder ( for my sites!
I have also used free themes ( and (

There are many, many options.

Plugins Add Functionality to your site.

This is a HUGE topic.  So, today, I will share a few essentials.

SEO: Yoast SEO is one of the most popular — gives you the ability to optimize each page and post. I currently use Rank Math SEO.  I find it easier to use and it gives me more feedback.
Social Sharing: I use Blog2Social on Compass Rose Consulting.  I like that it shares to all of my social media sites.
Wordfence: Security on your site is vital.  I use a scanner on my hosting account through Site Ground AND I use Wordfence Plugin on the site.
WP – All-in-One Migration: I use this plugin to back up my sites and move them if I need to move them. I used to use Backupbuddy and found that I had sites that would not move.

Email Marketing is Critical

I use Zoho Campaigns. It is part of the Zoho ONE suite of apps. I use many of these apps. They all play nice with each other and talk to each other. So, I can add a new lead in my CRM and then push them to my email marketing. Or I can have someone come into email marketing and push them to the CRM.

Every tool has a learning curve and Zoho is the same. I like that it is affordable and fairly easy to use.

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