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There are as many different webinar software and services as there are prices so it makes since to do your due diligence to investigate the different offerings to make sure that you find a service that fills all your needs and expectations. Before you even start looking for a webinar software or service you should sit down and make a list of what you want the technology to accomplish.

Do you need recording ability? Do you need to present a PowerPoint, or share your desktop? Do you want the participants to be able to ask questions easily? What exactly do you want the capabilities of the software to have? Answer these questions then set out on your search. This list is a good place to start, but there are many more companies.

Webex.com — This system is run by Cisco Systems group which is a leading provider of telecommunications hardware systems. Since webex does not require any downloading of large files of software to your computer because they host the service on their own servers. Anyone can be anywhere to host or participate in a webinar using Webex’s service.

You can also have from one to hundreds of participants and presenters. The users experience largely depends on their own Internet connection speed. You can have a white board, show PowerPoint slides, share your screen and more. Prices go from pricing per minute, to a fixed monthly cost starting at 49.00 per host which allows unlimited online meetings up to 25 participants per meeting and many other features such as record and reply, allowing some participants to participate by voice only and it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Wi-Fi and 3G mobile devices. There are larger packages available.

GoToMeeting.com — Developed by Citrix Online this software is pretty simple to use. You simply register an account and then you are authorized to host an unlimited number of online meetings even if the participants do not join GotoMeeting. You do have to download software to your computer, PC or Mac, but it’s easy and they walk you right through it.

The website claims that you need no training for this product. You can share your desktop, even allowing selective users (like your presenters) to run it from their own computers, record, and many other aspects. The cost is 49.00 a month for one host and you can host up to 15 participants per meeting, there are larger packages if you need more through their GoToWebinar plan. Prices are per organizer.

VideoSeminarLive.com — Starting at 99.00 a month per host, allowing unlimited conferences for up to 15 seats and up to 399 a month per host with branding, or paying 10 cents a minute per user, this is a good one to try. You can record, create content, attendees can pay by paypal for paid events, take surveys, and you can record up to 50 hours per month for play back or future sale.

This software works on PC’s and Macs, and only the host needs to download anything as it’s 100 percent browser based for participants. It allows for live feeds, PowerPoint, screen sharing, a white board and much more. Want to offer video conferencing serves to others, no problem, private branding available!

Adobe Acrobat Connect — Polls, PowerPoint, audio, video, whiteboard, Q&A, desktop sharing, it’s all here including the ability to choose your layout for professional branding of your events. Choose the small business plan and you can either pay per use, for .32 cents per minute per user, or you can from 45.00 to 55.00 per month depending if you want to pay up front or monthly. You can have up to 9 host per account and host up to 100 attendees.

Any of these services can offer you what you need to get started with your webinar. All have a free trials and tutorials available as well as 247 technical support for paid members.

Get started putting together your first webinar.


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