Does YOUR Web Presence Generate New Business Leads?

YOUR Web Presence Should BE Generating New Business Leads

So you have a website and blog; it’s branding you, but it isn’t building your business.

Magnetic Marketing is an inbound marketing strategy.  It starts with your web presence.  Is your website drawing people to you?  Your web presence is about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.  Creating a presence that shares your story, your message and brand. That is engaging and serves your customers and prospects.

Is your website competing? Is it bringing New Business Leads to YOU?

New Business Leads should come easily to you.

Building a web presence involves creating a website and blog.  WordPress is a great platform (in fact, I think it is the best platform) for building this.  Your website becomes your hub for sharing your expertise.  Once you have created compelling content for your blog you can share that content across your social media platforms.

This is the place that people can learn about YOU and why they want to work with you.  Be sure that you do not leave YOU off the page. It is your knowledge, your expertise, your personality that people are drawn to.  When you are able to share that effectively, THEN people will be coming to your business.

Your website is where you also want to have special offers that people can opt into and in exchange you are receiving their contact info.  This gives you the ability to continue building a relationship and rapport.

When websites fail to do this then hey are giving up that new customer or potential customer.  The person leaves your site and then when they NEED or WANT your service you are lucky if they remember where you and your website are!  Luck is not a good business strategy!

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