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Wearable Technology | Wearable Computers

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There is a new trend in technology and it is “wearable technology”.  Huge in the fitness arena, the new Wor(l)d Space Computer breaks through with a fully functional computer that is wearable and portable.  In addition to fitness tracking, you can do all of your other computer work on it.

The trend is there.  With it being a hot seller for the holidays.  Wor(ld) Global Network positions to release its wearable computer just after the new year.  Wor(l)d Global Network has been operating successfully worldwide and is just entering the US market with a premiere cell phone service that is global and a fully operational space office.

For More information on the Space systems register here: SPACE



Wearable Technology: Might Be the Hottest New Trend

What changes when you can wear your computer? When you have phone service that is truly worldwide?

As we plan a world tour, a global phone service becomes exciting.  The ability to make calls worldwide can be so helpful to the business traveler as well as the recreational traveler.  Learn More

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