Visionary Womenpreneurs Radio – Sylvia Scott Visionary Guest

Newton, New Jersey January 3, 2019: Donna Price, Business Success Coach, is thrilled to be launching this exciting show that will celebrate visionary womenpreneurs world-wide, sharing their vision, their success strategies and the challenges they have faced and overcome.

Donna will welcome, Sylvia Scott, the Founder of Girls’ C.E.O. Connection™, a social enterprise that motivates and engages Generation Z high school girls on a path toward lives as successful entrepreneurs. She is the creator and director of the Realizing a Vision conference. It goes beyond the typical high school business curriculum. The girls are introduced to the skills, traits, and behaviors of accomplished women entrepreneurs and business owners.

Through its online programs and Realizing a Vision Conference, Gen Z high school girls gain access to young women who have thriving ventures. The girls have opportunities to interact with seasoned women entrepreneurs. They are shown how to expand their potential in a culture that supports their highest aspirations.

During the show, Donna will talk with Sylvia Scott about her journey to creating such an impactful and visionary program for girls.

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