Video Marketing

Videos have become a highly searched medium on the Internet.  With the advent of hand held video cameras and web cams, video marketing is very easy.  As a result, videos can increase your web presence and business results.

But there is more to video marketing than just YouTube.  With video email, video conferencing, video blogging and video auto-responders videos can become a tool that is used in a multitude of ways.

Here are a handful of ways to increase your web presence and connect more with your prospects:

1. Use branded video email to connect with prospects or to follow up after a meeting.

2. Create video coaching or information series for your prospects.

3. Convert your content into video format and share on video sites, via email, via video newsletter and blog.

4. Create a Video Blog.

Videos can be easily created without high priced equipment.  Video lets your prospects see you, assess your ability to connect with them.  It increases your rapport and relationship with a prospect.

Learn more about how to market your business using Video!!


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