Video Marketing — An Effective Business Strategy

video marketingThe Power of Video Marketing in Your Business

If you’re already using video as part of your online marketing strategies then you no doubt realize the value of this medium. Read on, though, to ensure you are taking full advantage of the power of video. If you haven’t yet included video as part of your overall marketing strategy, why not? If it’s because you don’t own a video camera, do everything in your power to rent or borrow one, but you might have one right on your cell phone. You will notice the boost in web traffic and ultimately business profits as a result of implementing a video marketing strategy.

Video Tutorials as a part of your video marketing…

Video tutorials are hot and will likely remain hot for some time to come. People are always looking for ways to do something, or ways to do something better, faster, or cheaper. 

Video Demonstrations as a part of your video marketing…

If your product can be demonstrated using the power of video, that’s a great video to create for your website.  Not only can you demonstrate how your product works but you can demonstrate why your product is better than the competition’s. The video can be posted on your site as well as on your Facebook Business Page, your Google + Business Page and your YouTube Channel.  By posting in multiple places and getting comments and conversation going about the video you have added more great internet buzz to your website, services/products.

If your product requires assembly, you could boost your profits by showing how easy it is to put together. On the other hand, if it is not particularly easy to assemble, your video could provide a valuable resource for your customers. Any way you look at it, showing your product in action can be a valuable asset that will serve to increase your bottom line.

Video Reviews and Demos of other products

Even if you don’t have your own product, there is still a lot you can do with video tutorials. You can demonstrate how other products work or do a review of the product. There is always someone looking for answers regarding popular products. Maybe you’re a whiz at unclogging vacuum cleaners or changing your own oil. Think about what you do well and consider making a video demonstrating your own talents. If you’re a computer geek, make that talent pay off by producing short videos of how to solve common problems or how to do certain tasks in popular computer software programs.

Video Testimonials as part of your video marketing…

Video testimonials are far more powerful than the written word simply because we’re never sure who really wrote those words. If you have customers who are happy with your goods or services, consider asking them to provide a video testimonial to add to your website. When you have a client or customer that records a video talking about you and your service it puts a real person behind the testimonial.  It brings authenticity to the testimonial and credibility.  That is valuable.  Add to that the power of video on your website and you have just increased the effectiveness of your web presence as well. If they have their own website and can include that in their testimonial that will lend even more credibility to the testimonial and give them a free plug as well. That creates a win/win situation for both you and your customers and can serve as a powerful marketing strategy.

 Brainstorm your video marketing approach

Do some brainstorming yourself to see how you can enhance your marketing campaigns and your website with the power of video. It really doesn’t matter what your product or service is; the power of video can almost always enhance your promotional efforts.

Video Marketing Action:

Do this:

Start looking at every website you go to with fresh eyes. Does the website include video? What kind? Could you do something similar or better yet, could you produce a video that includes other components? When you start actively studying the videos you see on other websites, you’ll discover new and exciting ways to promote yourself and your products. While you don’t want to be a copycat, you can certainly get some basic ideas from these videos. Then produce fresh, exciting videos of your own and you’ll be amazed at the difference!

Video marketing is a powerful strategy for increasing web traffic to your sites, increasing your business results and gaining you new clients or customers.

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