Using Local Listings for More Exposure

1whandshake1Increase Your Online Exposure with Local Listings

There are many local business owners who all run into the same issue they establish a website and an online presence, but then they still are not able to leverage the web to introduce their business to new customers.

Increase Foot Traffic with Local Listings

One of the key components in getting foot traffic in the door of your small business is using local directory listings, and it is something that many local business owners have unfortunately been neglecting.

The internet is a massive, interactive Yellow Pages for your local business. Just like the phone book, you will want to make sure that your company name and contact information is getting noticed.

Local Listings Go Beyond the Yellow Pages

The process of getting your company name on local listing sites is worth getting more online exposure and while it can take some time filling out several forms, it can be greatly beneficial to any local business owner. Some of the most common local listing sites are actually highly integrated with social media sites, so this may be something that you want to take on along with your social media campaign.

Google currently has two of the most popular local listing directories. This search engine is in charge of Google+ Businesses Google+ Local. Other popular local listing sites include CitySearch, Bing Local and Yahoo Local Listings.

Make sure you also create a Yelp profile in your area. This not only helps you attract web attention, but it provides a place for local customers to review your business. So its an effective way to convert potential customers into paying customers.

Merchant Circle is also an important listing site.  You can connect with other businesses, offer specials etc.

Filling out the log in forms for these sites in important, and you will want to make sure that you put as much information as possible about your company on each profile you create. This includes your hours, phone number, address and links to your social media and websites.

If you have a different URL for your mobile site, make sure this is listed as many users will access local listings from their mobile devices.

A profile on one of these sites can only help you create a stronger online presence by helping your potential customers find your business during their search.

Most web searchers find that local listings that they come across during a search are actually more authentic than the traditional organic search engine results. This is because here, they can access maps, customer reviews, videos, images and address verification to insure authenticity. With this in mind, taking the time to create a profile for yourself on these listing sites can actually go a long way in bringing customers into your doors.

Check in on your Local Listings Regularly

There are several different ways that local businesses can get more attention online. With the right internet marketing plan, and the use of social media, local listings, mobile websites, local SEO and online reputation management, the possibilities are endless.

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