This is Amazing – Own Your future Challenge!

You might not be a fan, or a BIG event person, but this is actually amazing to watch!!

I joined the Own Your Future Challenge with Tony Robbins (my first Tony event, EVER) and Dean Graziosi and 15 other marketers and entrepreneurs. I typically don’t do these BIG events…. BUT, this is actually amazing to watch.

They have over 850,000 people registered!

They have a VIP room with about 500 people in it…. probably more, but that’s what I can see. VIP’s are in a Zoom Room that is being broadcast on stage, behind the speaker. It gives you the feel that people are really there!!

Others are watching the event in the Facebook group or via YouTube!

So, how did they do it? What are they doing?

They worked with a small group of Joint Venture partners (250) to help promote the event. Definitely, some people with big email lists and influencers with a far reach, and people that could also run ads for the event. The result — nearly 1 million registered.

Day ONE — they over delivered with over 3 hours of content.

Day TWO is just getting ready to start.

And what is the concept — well it is pretty simple, pretty straight forward — >>> YOU have knowledge, information and expertise that other people WANT!! And it can change your future.

You can still check it out, if only to observe. But let me tell you, it is inspiring, you may see new possibilities, you might just shift what you are doing, as a result!!

Check it out HERE — the Own Your Future Challenge!!

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