CRCOnlineMedia: New Periscope Just Out. See What’s Happening! Joy — The Movie, Lessons Learned. . What Is Your BIGGEST Entrepreneurial Lesson Learned?

You are about to uncover A-level information, so forget about any other browser tabs you might have opened so far. I’ve been at it again, kicking ideas around with the Periscope peeps I came to know and cherish. Dive into my latest broadcast shared…

New Periscope Just Out. See What’s Happening! So You Didn’t Win The Powerball Billion, Now What? It’s Up To You To Create Your Financial Future. H

If you are like me — then you didn’t buy the winning ticket to the BIG Billion Dollar lottery. So, what next?  It is up to US.  Me and YOU!!  We have to build our own empire!  It is Doable and it is possible….