7 Strategies to Build a Relationship with Your Prospect List

How to Build a Productive Relationship with Your Prospect List For all businesses- small, medium or large scale, developing a healthy and mutually satisfying relationship with their prospect list holds a great deal of relevance. It should be given apt importance because the success…

10 Questions Your Marketing Plan MUST Answer

Your Marketing Plan should answer these 10 Questions!! Marketing plans are often neglected or ignored by business owners. But putting together a good marketing plan can actually SAVE you thousands and make you even more, because planning keeps you on track and focused. In…

Why Business Blogging

Why Business Blogging Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan?? There are some really good reasons to include business blogging in your marketing plan. It remains an important strategy that should not be ignored or neglected. Marketing plans come in all shapes and sizes….

Strategy vs. Tactics in Marketing

Have you developed a suite of marketing tactics or have you developed a strategic marketing plan? Many, many business owners have strung together a bunch of marketing tactics.  They think it is strategic but they don’t fit together well and they don’t work strategically….

Could Your Marketing Strategy Be WRONG?

Marketing Strategy is more than just tactics Could it be that everything you’ve learned about marketing is wrong?  Well, we are seeing many, many businesses fail and it is largely due to lack of leads, conversions and increased revenue.  Would a business fail if…