Business Networking for Business Growth

Networking as a business building strategy Networking is a great business development strategy when done right! But many business owners fail to have a complete strategy for networking!  There are several keys that make networking work better! Networking Key #1: Messaging.  Have a compelling…

Using Business Cards To Generate New Business Leads

The Business Card Challenge! Offline Marketing Success Strategy – Hand out your business card! BUT, BUT —>>> Make SURE You Have a Call to Action AND a Strategy! Many business owners order business cards, then they never hand them out. Amazing isn’t it? Why…

Great Kick Off Today!

Today’s kick off meeting went well.  Great group of business professionals that came out to check out the potential of the Collaborative Marketing Network.  The energy in the room was positive, with ideas and sharing happening from the very beginning.  Everyone excited about the combination of networking, business strategic planning and masterminding and Collaboration. All […]

Affiliate Marketing Network

The internet, also known as the World Wide Web is widely used by millions of people all around the world for different means. It has become a place where one can search and gather information, communicate, promote, etc especially when it comes to business….