Business Building Tools I LOVE (part 2)

For Business Building — WordPress Really RULES for building an online presence!! So, in the last post, I shared a bit about WordPress as your content management system and website builder!! It is by far my favorite business building web presence tool. I use…

Gold, Silver, Bronze, Last: Olympics Reflection

The Olympics have ended and athletes have returned home with medals, stories and memories.  We watched many, many hours of the Olympics and enjoyed seeing the many young athletes compete with true grace.  It was amazing to see the poise and sportsmanship that was…

Big Bold Business Book Released!!

New Book Released! Business Success Coach, Donna Price, owner of Compass Rose Consulting, LLC discusses “Leadership — Navigating Success” in the newly released book: “Jersey Women Mean Business! Big Bold BusinessTM Advice from New Jersey Women Business Owners: Practical Pointers, Solutions, and Strategies for Business Success“— a trailblazing business success book published by Woodpecker Press. Just released on June 14th the book is a new entrepreneurial success blueprint featuring savvy, practical advice from 72 different voices; all seasoned businesswomen…

Bizology.Biz Intentional Balance teaches a business development strategy of intentional balance — building a business with intention. Bizology.Biz is a step by step business development, business help system for building success.

Business Coach Testimonial by Kim Lewis Kim Lewis, Career Coach, talks about Donna Price, Business Success Coach.

Buisness Coach Testimonial by: Georgina Terri

Business Coach, Georgina Terry talks about Donna Price, Business Success Coach. and Bizology.Biz