VWR: Being a Highly Sensitive Business Leader

Muriel Kosovsky passionate about helping entrepreneurial leaders to cultivate an empowering mindset for success, as well as outstanding interpersonal effectiveness to foster collaborative and commercially-driven relationships. Muriel brings 15 years of education, training, and mentoring expertise to the leadership coaching space. In this episode,…

Does Coaching Work? NO!

Does Coaching Work? No! Coaching does not work! YOU work! If you hire a coach and you show up for calls or meetings and you do nothing…. then coaching will not work.  It is up to YOU to make coaching work!  You have to…

5 Ways Unlimited Laser Coaching Can Help You

I just posted my newest program….. and it is pretty wild!! Unlimited Laser Coaching!! You know, as a coach, I have to believe in the power of coaching.  I do.  I have experienced the power of coaching personally.  And I have witnessed the power…

CrAzY Idea!!!

I had this totally crazy idea last night! Sleepless nights can lead to crazy things! Anyway — YOU can benefit 100% from it because I didn’t just let the idea sit there! I am actually implementing it……. So, you may be wondering — what…

Bizology.Biz Grows Coaching Businesses

Grow your coaching business with Bizology.Biz www.coachingbizology.biz Jill Rodriguez talks about Business Success Coach, Donna Price and the Bizology.Biz program.

Bizology.Biz Intentional Balance

www.bizology.biz teaches a business development strategy of intentional balance — building a business with intention. Bizology.Biz is a step by step business development, business help system for building success.

Building a Successful Coaching Business

Terri Levine, Business Coaching Expert talks about Donna Price’s Bizology.Biz program as a resource for coaches. www.coachingbizology.biz. Add a solid program to your coaching business.