4 TO-DO Lists Strategies For Growth

Why To-Do Lists Work Are you using to-do lists throughout your day? If not, you may be missing out on one of the post powerful productivity tools out there. It doesn’t matter if you use the old-fashioned notebook and pen, or a to-do list…

Building Your Lead Generation System

Having a Lead Generation System is KEY To Your Business Success. Many small business owners fail to create a lead generation system that includes a lead capture system. Generating new business leads and then not capturing the leads info fails to be a system….

DIY, Coaching or Full Outsource?

Not Sure What To Do? Are you a pure DIYer (do it yourselfer)?  Or do you outsource?  Have you had a coach and not made any changes in your success?  These are each great questions as you evaluate HOW to build your success and create

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Creating Solid Strategies of Residual Income

Creating Residual Streams of Revenue: What is residual income?  It is income that comes into your business each month after you have made the sale or entered into a customer partnership.  You have done the work in the beginning and then because the product is a consumable product, the customer

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BizologyBuzz Newsletter

Where Have I Been? BizologyBuzz Newsletter Readers Wonder… Well, the short answer is right here!!  The long answer is that the over the summer my hosting company deleted my account and ALL of my internet real estate with it.  15 websites in all.  And,…

BizologyBuzz Radio: Guerrilla Marketing Girl — Pattie Simone

BizologyBuzz Radio Inside Tips from a Guerrilla Girl:  How to Work Thrifty On- and Offline Channels to Market Yourself, Books, Business, Products or Services with Pattie Simone. Pattie Simone is a Viral Activist, Vlogger and Small Business Expert & Advocate. She started her first…

95 Million Users

LinkedIn has 95 Million Registered Users. I remember when they first started out and we were jumping in early on.  There were a few thousand.  It has grown in its services and usefulness along with the growth in registered users.  What I hear all…