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Womenpreneurs Gathering in Circle

Womenpreneurs Gather The power of women gathering in a circle…. Women have been meeting and gathering in circles for centuries, perhaps eons.  They have gathered to work, to cook, to study, to sing, to share, for rituals, and spiritual journeys throughout time.  Some women’s groups at churches were called Ladies’ Circles. Women gathered around the world to change the world… Read More »Womenpreneurs Gathering in Circle

The Power of Sharing Your Vision

As a business owner sharing your vision is a powerful step in building your team and building your business. As a business owner and business coach, I find vision a significant key to business success. Staff needs to know what the vision is and what their role in that vision is. Have you shared your company vision? Having a strong,… Read More »The Power of Sharing Your Vision

Weekly Focus Group

Join the Weekly Focus Group!! Thursdays at NOON (With a kickoff on Wednesday!!) Each week a new focus!!  Be sure to check in what our focus is this week! One week off each month, but otherwise we are focused on business growth! New strategies each week. Marketing Business Leadership Book Publishing Visioning Strategic Planning Leave each meeting with real world… Read More »Weekly Focus Group

Using Press Releases Effectively

Writing Press Releases Can Equal Free Publicity When Done Right!! Press releases are one of the keys in increasing your company’s visibility in the marketplace. They can be used for many different things, and not just locally.  The benefits of using press releases is tremendous when done right. Public relations include all that is the media. Don’t limit yourself. The… Read More »Using Press Releases Effectively

Profit Growth Strategies Webinar

Profit Strategies for Growth Webinar Replay [vooplayer type=”video” id=”OTAzNDc=” ] Creating strategies within your business for increasing profits and growing your business are critical. In the webinar replay — I focus on the five step profit formula and key strategies within each area for increasing your results. You need to know your numbers. When you KNOW your numbers, then you… Read More »Profit Growth Strategies Webinar

Facebook Ads Can Be Your Traffic Source

Blogging itself is one of the important traffic drivers, but what if you fuel it with Facebook?  Still, there are many marketers & bloggers, who despite investing handsome amounts in content creation, find it difficult to reach their target audience. And leaving it to luck is a big NO. “Wait and see, is a poor business strategy”. Going the extra… Read More »Facebook Ads Can Be Your Traffic Source

Growing the Seeds of Your Business: Nurturing the Blossoms

Growing a business takes time and commitment and for most it means new clients/customers.  New clients or customers, means obtaining new contacts or new leads. There are many ways to develop new business leads.  As you obtain a lead or prospect they need to be nurtured.  Leads or prospects can

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