Strategic planning only helps organizations when they are kept active and implemented.  The strategic plan defines the business direction.  That direction is based on the future, the vision of the company.  Before an effective strategic plan can be developed a clear and compelling vision is needed.  Visions are optimistic, the ideal picture of the future.  The strategic plan that results from the leadership team’s strategic planning, is the map to that vision and then it is only effective if it is implemented.

Strategic plans can sound intimidating and overwhelmingto many small business owners.  The most effective strategic plans are those that are simple, completed with the leadership team and key people in the company.

Complex documents that consume excessive amounts of time to create don’t guarantee success.  In fact, the large and cumbersome strategic plan can be so overwhelming that it just doesn’t work.  Strategic planning sessions that go on and on for months also fail because so much time is consumed in the planning and the implementation, which is the key, is pushed aside.  The goal to have the perfect strategic plan doesn’t produce results.  Instead, the team that engages in strategic planning and produces a good working document is more likely to succeed.

To create your strategic plan:

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