Strategic Planning For Results

strategic planningStrategic Planning CAN BE Fun and Inspiring

Strategic planning should be a highly engaging process that empowers the team and team members to do their jobs well. I believe in building a usable and functional strategic plan that is really going to MOVE your team forward.

I have participated in the long and drawn out strategic planning sessions.  I have been a part of a team that spent five weeks developing a strategic plan. Once it was done we celebrated, and then we didn’t look at it for over a year.  It sat in a HUGE 3 ring binder above my desk.  It was a 3 inch binder.

That is a strategic plan that is cumbersome and overbearing.  It is NOT functional.  And the team didn’t follow through on it.

UNTIL — the Board asked!

Since that time, I have studied HOW to Build a High Performing Team and I have found a strategic planning process and tool that is so effective that high performance and key results are the natural outcome.

What does it strategic planning look like with Compass Rose Consulting?byy

  • One to two days with the team.
  • A complete one page strategic plan for the upcoming year
  • Key responsibilities identified
  • Online tracking software for each strategic goal
  • Individual plans that tie into the company plan

No matter what size the business I recommend and use: Best Year Yet™ for Teams and Best Year Yet™ for Business (BYYB) This strategic plan takes one to two days to complete and is a year-long process of creating new levels of business performance. This process aligns and motivates a group to accomplish results beyond anything they’ve achieved before.

Why a year long process?  You thought I said — short and sweet, right? Well, the plan comes together with the participation of key team members in one to two days.  Then each month, we gather together to review the plan and what has and has not been completed.  Most consultants, create the plan with you or for you and then hand it to you in a binder, leaving you with weeks more work to do before you can really focus on the STRATEGIC PLAN.  When I leave after our initial planning session, you will HAVE the strategic plan.  I come back to help you and your team follow through on the plan.

I don’t wave goodbye and wish you luck!  I help YOU to follow through.  It is powerful to have an outside person, coming back each and every month to review the plan and actually score the plan.  Naysayers get on board or jump ship within the first 3 months.

Consultants, are like, a new flavor every month.  I know that’s how I felt.  We would just wait them out and soon, they went away and everything went back to the WAY IT WAS!  If you really want to CHANGE your team and the way it accomplishes your company goals, then monthly meetings will truly help you to do that.

In fact, I believe so strongly in that part of the program, that I won’t even DO a strategic planning session with you without your commitment to a year of coaching and consulting services.

onepageteamplanThe BYYB Plan enables the team to focus their energies toward achieving the results that will bring them closer to their vision. All members of the team create the plan, generating motivation and buy-in.

Your Best Year Yet™ Team Program begins with meeting with the team leader to conduct an in- depth analysis of your team and its fundamental issues. We then bring your team together for a two-day event to create a plan around the key results demanded by the team and the people on it. Part of this 2 day event is spent developing individual plans for each person on the team. This is valuable component of the BYYB program as it supports each team member in accomplishing their personal goals and vision, while also focusing their energy on the top goals for the company and team.

Once you have your team and personal strategic plans in place, we begin coaching to ensure that you and your team succeed. To do so we facilitate Monthly Review Sessions for your team to drive the plan forward while learning how to be more effective as a team.

We also use our well-developed tools to track your plan in a way that makes performance transparent and encourages commitment.

Every step of the way we are working with your team to develop their mastery in the art of producing results.

Who can use Best Year Yet?

The Best Year Yet™ System can be adapted by people in any part of an organization. Because we believe everyone has the capability to have their best year yet, the basic system asks 10 questions. We trust that teams and individuals have their own answers.

Our system works effectively on all levels of an organization from the top team to divisional teams to administration-level staff.

Wherever you use Best Year Yet™ it doesn’t change–rather, the people participating automatically adapt the workshop and the entire system to their team, culture, initiatives and challenges.

We provide a team dashboard, so that YOU can see what is happening within the team.

This tool adds to the accountability of the program.  Knowing that you are attending a team meeting each month and that you have to report on what you did or didn’t do is powerful.  Having a dashboard that the owner or leader can monitor is also powerful.

For some teams, we also use the Individual Best Year Yet plan as a Performance Appraisal tool.  Now, the performance appraisal is directly tied to the Strategic Plan which is tied to the Vision for the organization.

It all works together to create the results that the team has set out to accomplish

Not sure?  Then do a team check, review a couple of the case studies that we have done and take a look at the Best Year Yet website.

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