Your Strategic Plan….2015

strategic planningHave you created your 2015 strategic plan?

A powerful, focused plan can the key to creating the results that you see in your business.  The simple system for planning that I use is f*ree right here

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I will go step by step through this system and show you HOW to create your plan — and when you have it you will feel excited! If you are techy — you can create your plan right along side me.  You will need two screens or the know how to put two windows up love side by side….I’ve just learned how to do this and its not hard.

Every single time I have worked with a client on their plan — they come out of the process excited.  They are excited about what they have put together. It is usually a bit different from what they thought would come out and it is clearer and more focused than expected.

Spending time ON your business — creating powerful strategies is a worthwhile investment of your time resource.  I believe that time is most valuable resource and each year I create my new plan.

Then each week and each month you need to review the plan.  Plans that sit in a folder that you never look at again are less likely to be successful.  A plan that stays “alive” and you are regularly engaged with will produce greater results.  You will stay more focused and on target than those entrepreneurs that do not have a plan.  When you fail to create a plan you most likely are easily distracted and all over the place!

Of course, when you work with a coach and review your plan each week or each month with your coach, your results are even better.  BUT, this isn’t a sales pitch about coaching — it is an OPPORTUNITY to create your plan for 2015!

A strong strategic plan will give you the roadmap that you need for the year…. a roadmap that keeps your focused on your big vision and dream.  It always starts with the dream!

Tuesday 1/6/2015 12:30 PM EST!!

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