4 Steps to Take For Low Self Worth

low self worth

What to do when you are feeling LOW, when you have low self worth?

No one is full of confidence all the time, and everyone has times of low self-esteem and low self-worth. How we react in those times says a lot about who we are! There are times when your self-worth might be low for an extended period of time, and that’s where you really need to be careful. Mentally and emotionally, long periods of low self-worth can result in depression, so knowing what to do (and how to do it) when your self-worth is lacking is a valuable skill.

Building Your Self Up From Low Self Worth

A healthy sense of worthiness will help bolster you when things look bleak, and a failure or two happens to occur. People with a healthy sense of self-worth are able to internalize that it’s not a failure that they have to own – it is simply something that happened, and lessons can be learned from it. Someone with low self-worth will spend time blaming themselves, feeling guilty, and may even be unable to get back into the swing of things again.

Foster Your Own Self Worth!

To foster a healthy self-worth, you really must be honest with yourself about the negativity you have surrounding you in your life – especially that which comes from within you. Negative thoughts are easy to spot once you realize you’re having them, and the key is to turn each negative thought around so that you can see a positive angle for the situation. Notice when you tend to have these negative thoughts, and you’ll be able to prevent them before they even happen, legitimately retraining your brain to eliminate negativity.

Some things you can do to boost your self-worth when it feels low:

1. Do the things you’re already great at! One of the best ways to feel competent and confident is to practice doing what you already know how to do well. Doing this leaves no doubt that you are a talented individual. For me, this is cycling.  I love to ride, I’m pretty good at it and it makes me feel good both mentally and physically.

2. Practice self-compassion and self-love. Do the things you enjoy, and find pleasure in. Take a long, hot bath with a glass of wine. Take that hike you’ve been putting off because you’re busy. Spend a full hour with no distractions playing with your kids. Whatever it is, believe that you deserve it, and go do it!

3. Spend time with positive people. Maybe your circle of influence needs a re-vamp. If you find yourself hanging around with negative people, make the choices you need to make to bring more positive people into your life, and eliminate the negative. You are worth it!

4. Learn to assert yourself positively. If you find yourself saying yes to things out of guilt or obligation, examine that closely. Learning to say no is one of the most liberating things you can do!

success mindset

Developing a success mindset can help your feelings of low self worth.  Pick up my guide to build your success mindset along with the comprehensive daily planner.  When you plan for success and work on success, your mindset shifts.  Low self worth is not possible with a success mindset or a growth mindset.

When you work on your own mindset, you will see a shift.

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When you start focusing, intentionally, on your mindset, your self worth you will find that you do get to choose it. You have the ability to shift it and take control and change the results.  Decide today to change low self worth. Don’t let it take control of your life.

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