Spring Running, Fitness and Wellness

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Building a Healthy Team Starts with the Leader

Spring is a great time to increase your fitness.  Fitness is one of the keys in building healthy leaders and healthy teams.  A work team’s health partially depends upon the health of each of its members.  With leaders being the role model for their teams it becomes important for leaders to take health, wellness and fitness seriously.  Model how to fit it into your day, set up ways for your team to fit it into their day and encourage/support healthy lifestyles.

Running is one of those great activities that doesn’t require a lot of time or money.  You can run anywhere.  Running can be done on business trips easily as all you need are a pair of running shoes and running clothes. Hotels often have information about local running routes and even maps.  Running can also easily happen during lunch hours or prior to or after work.  A workplace can create a running team that participates in local races.  The team can do some runs together each week.  What would happen to your team’s productivity if you did a Monday morning training run before the Monday morning staff meeting.  When a team runs together they are building a different type of relationship with their running partners.

Workplace Health Should Be A Leadership Priority

A workplace running team can also raise money for a good cause or different causes for each race.  Now, you have an opportunity for some additional publicity, and outreach to vendors, customers and other staff teams.

If there are team members that aren’t (yet) in shape for running you can start a walking program in conjunction with the running program.  Walking has great benefits for health as well.  Encourage people to start where they are.  Running a 5K or walking a 5K doesn’t just happen.  It takes some training and preparation.  It is one step at a time.  Start with walking a block or two.  Increase it a bit each time and that increase will build more quickly than you think.

I started out this spring running two miles and am now up to 4 easily and 5 a bit more challenging.  I would love to be able to run 7 miles!

Consider how to implement a fitness program this spring into your workplace.  What can you do as a leader to promote health and wellness?  When can it fit into your workplace?  Are there things you can do as a leader to model health, fitness and wellness? Are there things you can use as incentives for participation?

Spring brings with it new energy and is a great time to get your program started!

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