something BIG Is Coming!!

I don’t usually participate in these things…. but this one looks different!!

What am I talking about?

Well, I was invited by a colleague to help him with this. I have had the opportunity to preview parts of the program and have been impressed and I have learned new things.

To be honest, I have been tired and haven’t been participating in many webinars or trainings…. they just feel like more of the same. And I value my time.

But, with this, I have been learning….. and shifting my own outlook and mindset.

Now, you know that I believe in a having a success mindset but my take on it is a bit different.

Lots of times, I am put off by the mindset people. It always sounds like they are blaming. And it doesn’t feel good….. sure, mindset can be something we each need to work on, but I don’t blame myself or others for the journey we are each on. Many times its about strategy and refining or revising the strategies you are using to get where you are going!! Its never all mindset.

And here, they seem to know that too.

So, what I want you to know is that over the next few days, I will be sharing more info with you. Getting excited and ready for this challenge. I hope you will keep an eye out, and consider joining me on the journey!!

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