Self Publishing Still Worth It

Self publishing — at first was a BIG question. But it remains a truly powerful way to get your book to the market and to succeed as an author.

self publishing

There are a lot of myths out there about publishing, but I’m here to tell you that self publishing, especially digital self-publishing is better than traditional publishing. Mainly due to the upheaval in the publishing world with digital formats, and the ease at which a person who wants to self-publish can get involved today, usually for free.

Digital Self-publishing is Better Than Traditional Publishing

Proliferation of Tablets On The Rise — Over 1/3 of all adults will own tablets by 2016, according to Forrester Research. That’s a 400 percent increase in adoption per year! Anyone who is not excited by these numbers needs a lobotomy. You can cash in on this trend with digital self publishing.

Increased Digital Subscriptions — People who have never even subscribed to a print magazine have subscribed to magazines via their eReaders or tablets. People really love reading on their tablets more than reading print, or on their PCs. People are also more likely to continue a digital subscription than a paper one. Some speculate that the privacy afforded a person reading a tablet over a book or magazine accounts for these facts.

eBook Sales Keep Going Up — Amazon and Barnes & Noble announced in 2011 that digital books were outselling print books 2 to 1 for Amazon and 3 to 1 for Nook. This trend will continue as more people grasp and then obtain the technology. The instant gratification of eBooks will drive the trend even more. People will order an eBook without giving it as much thought as they do buying in a bookstore.

Digital Publishing Takes Many Players Out of the Game:

No Middle Man To Worry About — By self-publishing straight to Digital you do away with the middle men, the printers, not to mention the long process involved with choosing a printer, is all gone. It’s easy to put your book in digital format whether for Kindle, Apple, or Nook. In fact you can even bypass all that and put it into PDF format and sell directly from your own website. No need for printer, paper manufacturer, book store, book delivery etc….its even more environmentally friendly.

 With New Paper Back Publishing You Can Have the Best of ALL Worlds

80/20 Rule At Work — Digital self-publishing is proving the 80/20 rule. If you don’t know what that is, basically it’s a theory that states that 20 percent of the work gives you 80 percent of the results. If you can get 80 percent of the sales you would have made if you also put your book in print, with only 20 percent of the work, or cost, you’re well ahead of the game. For just a little bit of money (say $35.00) you can easily get your book in print.  BUT, there is real money in digital publishing when YOU work at it.  It does take WORK!  And the work is YOURS.

 Selling Books in Multiple Markets Can Help Sales

True Book Sales Numbers Aren’t That High — On average, most books published sell less than 1000 books, total. That’s probably a distressing figure, but knowing that and understanding why (marketing) can help you do better than a traditional publisher. Also knowing this number can help you determine how much money you want to spend getting published.

One BIG Myth of Traditional Publishing is that the Publisher Does ALL of the Marketing!

You Must Promote Anyway — Whether you use traditional publishing or not, you are largely responsible for promoting your book yourself. Only about 2 percent of authors make the best sellers list whether they use traditional publishing or self-publishing. Why not keep the profit yourself? The key to sales is marketing!

You can be successful self publishing your information products, and even your novel if you realize the truth of the industry and what constitutes success, and how to get there. (Marketing!)

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