Screaming Employees

Screaming Employees? How to effectively resolve conflicts in the workplace

screaming employees
Are there conflicts in your workplace? Do you have employees that are out and out fighting with each other at work?  Are screaming employees effecting your workplace productivity? Yelling, screaming, not getting along or perhaps has difficult relationships with their supervisor?

Conflicts in the workplace happen frequently and the fallout can be costly to the employer and the employee.

Developing the skills to resolve conflicts that arise can save your company significant money.

First let’s look at the costs:

  1. Decreased productivity due to the emotions involved in interpersonal conflict.
  2. time lost from work by employees
  3. time lost from work by managers involved in the conflict
  4. recruitment and training of new employees
  5. decreased productivity by other staff due to tension/stress and the overall work environment

Communication:  At the Heart of Conflicts

The root of many conflicts is communication: either unclear communication, resulting in misunderstandings.  One strategy to address rising incidents of conflict is communication training.  Teaching people how to listen and how to talk clearly can prevent and decrease conflicts.  Communication is such a challenge.  So often, we feel we have been really clear, only to find out that the other person really misunderstood us.

Being a clear communicator takes commitment.  You need to be able to talk in a neutral sort of way, eliminating inflammatory emotions.  Speak from the heart and listen from the heart are good basic guidelines.  Beyond the basics, are to listen deeply to what the other person is saying and then to check-in with them.  Ask them: “is this what you are saying?”  It lets the person you are talking with know what you have understood and gives them the opportunity to clarify or correct misunderstandings.

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