Prepping the Change

So as I work on relaunch and change — how do I do it?

I use Bizology….. First pillar is leadership!

As the leader of the organization, it is your role, my role to focus on the direction and growth of the organization. When making changes or shifts in direction, that is the leader. But, you don’t just make a big change without checking in on Mission, Vision, and Values. These three pieces of the organization are critical and cannot be ignored.

Are they shifting or changing?

Inside of leadership – Vision, Values, Strategy I am reviewing each and they are shifting slightly in their wording but overall remain pretty much the same. The implementation of each is where the shift will occur.


Growing Thriving Businesses through effective leadership, strategy and operations.

Does it still fit? Yes. It’s revised and up to date!!


Grow a community of business leaders that are building their thriving businesses while connecting with others, offering ideas, support, and strategies to colleagues.

Does it still fit? I updated it. Actually changed it quite a bit.


I think it is the combination of mission, vision and values that guide your decision making. I have definitely lost track of that at times. But when put all together — they are powerful.


It is important to take the time to review each of these regularly and include them in your practice of connection with your business.

Next step is creating the strategic plan. Strategic planning is important. it gives you the guide to growing your business. Many parts of Bizology can fit easily into the strategic plan. Where people get off track is in creating strategic goals that are actually every day operating goals. Yes, the business needs to operate but the strategic growth plan is on growing not just operating. So the goals need to be forward thinking or pointing to the future, not the status quo.

The next step of leadership is to create the strategic plan. I will be sharing that over the next few days!!The strategic planning module in Bizology provides a great framework for building an effective strategic plan.

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