Positive Attitude: I Think Therefore I Am

René Descartes had it right. What and who you are begins with a thought. The mind is a powerful tool that can make or break your life and your business success. Use your mind to fuel business success.

In these tough economic times, it is hard not to think about the possibility of business failure. No one said that business would be easy even if the economy is up. It takes work. Knowing that truth and truly believing it are two different things.

Anyone can go out today and say they want to start a business. Few will actually succeed in taking the steps necessary to start a successful one, though. This is not to deter anyone from following their dreams, but you need to have the correct mindset in order to triumph in your business. If you can’t make it through the rough times, how will you ever be around to celebrate the good ones?

What is the mindset you need to have in order to succeed, you ask? A realistic frame of mind keeps you and your business grounded in tough times. After all, you are the business. Anyone working with you and/or for you will follow your lead. Here are a few tips to help you keep on top of things and see your business goals through to culmination.

Know the Statistics – How many businesses of your type fail each year? What is the competition like? Filling your head with idealistic scenarios is setting yourself up for disappointment and failure. In business, like in life, everything doesn’t always go the way you imagine it.

Be Aware – Embrace the negative possibilities so you know how to handle them when they come. And, they will come if you stay in business long enough. One key to business success is planning ahead for trouble that you hope would not show up.

Don’t Let Others Bring You Down – Ignore the naysayers. If you’re running a business that you’ve always wanted to own, don’t let anyone turn you away from your goal. Say to yourself, “I have created a successful business.”

Preparation Breeds Confidence – This type of preparation brings with it an air of confidence, confidence in your ability to handle any situation. It is that confidence that will motivate you and your employees if the business takes a hit one day. Besides a business plan for your company, create a life attitude plan to go along with it.

Your reactions to setbacks show who you are when things are not going according to plan. Getting bent out of shape is not going to stop the sale from falling through or the market from slumping. Learn to use setbacks in positive ways.

There is not a tried and true formula for professional success. Much of it is trial and error. Allow the highs to outnumber the lows in your professional life by learning to ride the waves and keeping a positive outlook.

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