Pinterest Training: 5 Day Crash Course

[ez_date] From: Business Success Coach, Donna Price

Dear Fellow Marketer,

You’ve probably already set up your Pinterest account, but if you’re like many people, you haven’t really started using it and your’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with how to make Pinterest work for YOUR Business.

PLus you have to figure out — is it really worth the investment of time and resource??

For entrepreneurs who are busy trying to build a business, that’s a big concern. The last thing you need is another distraction. But here’s the good news, Pinterest is great for marketing – if you know what you’re doing.

In my new 5-day ecourse, I’m taking a hard look at how businesses are using Pinterest, including…

  • Which businesses are a natural fit, and which ones need a little help
  • How to develop real relationships on Pinterest
  • Branding your Pinterest profile – so you can ensure your customers will find you
  • How to play nice on Pinterest – They’re not called “social networks” for nothing
  • The deal with digital goods – and how information marketers and others can benefit from Pinterest

Take the first step to learning how to get the most out of Pinterest with my short 5-day ecourse.

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