Pay Attention to Your Sentences

Pay Attention to Your Sentences

This is something that all good copywriters do on a regular basis. They focus on creating short sentences that make a statement. If you are accustomed to writing fiction you may be used to adding more fill to each sentence. Adding descriptions to evoke pictures of the characters or scenery for example.

Good copy needs to be short and sweet. A good piece of advice is to use the 5 W’s. Who, What , Where, Why and When. Then on top of this you want to add facts to these sentences. When you add facts or more specific details you are reinforcing ideas to your readers.

If you are new to copywriting then you should start collecting examples of sales pages so that you can study them. Specifically you want to look at the use of sentences, bullet points, headings and sub headings.

Bear in mind too, that people will be reading your sales copy on their computers and their mobile devices. Some will have smaller screens that do not display as much text. So you need to have text that is easy to read. You have probably experienced trying to read a large, never ending paragraph of text. Most likely you got fed up or bored and stopped reading. This is why short, clear sentences are important.

When writing your copy you want to connect and evoke emotions in your readers. The best way to do this is to try and dig down and bring their problems to the surface.

You want to address this fear, they may be worried about losing their job, they may be worried about their health or finances. Make sure you bring this up in your copy.

After addressing these fears you want to promise solutions to these fears. By doing this with your sentences you are giving them hope. After all they are potentially buying your solution to their problem.

Now all of this sounds quite simple but it does takes practice to hone your copywriting skills. If you can just remember to write short sentences you will be half way there.

We suggest that you practice writing out lots of short sentences that are concise. In addition to the sentences work on writing out short headings and sub headings. Adding these headings to your copy breaks up your text and makes the copy easier to read, plus it make it more pleasing to the eye.

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