Open Coaching Call TODAY

Open Business Success Coaching Call Today

Today is our open coaching call in day for members of Bizology.Biz.

During open coaching calls members can ask questions about their business, ask questions about the Bizology.Biz lesson they are working on, receive feedback about strategies they are using etc.

The call is in essence a group coaching call open to all members and provides additional resource and support to members.  Bizology.Biz members receive two Bizology lessons each month focused on building their business.  Business help is provided in these easy to read step by step lessons.  In addition, most lessons include an audio supplement.  Audio’s give you a coach right in in your office, home or car to reinforce the important elements of the lesson.

The call in is the third Monday of the month at 1:00 PM and lasts for up to one hour.

Join Bizology.Biz today and you can access the coaching call too.  Details are inside the member’s area.

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