A NEW Social Media Platform??

monetize social mediaDo we need a NEW Social Media/Networking Platform?

Technology is moving fast — perhaps at warp speed…. Keeping up, as a marketer is always a challenge.  And that is not bound to change much.

It is amazing to watch new social platforms emerge and observe what works and what doesn’t.  There are certainly some that have come and then gone.  While others seem to grow quickly and thrive!

On the horizon is a new platform that promises are BIG — with monetization at all levels… and the ability to grow significant income there.

The question for many remains — will it work (this time). Haven’t we tried this before?  Certainly… it is not a new idea — totally…

Many are sitting on the sidelines waiting and watching. Unwilling to get involved UNTIL they see that it will work.  But what is the loss for waiting and watching — the investment — $9.95 per month is little to risk for being in the First Inviters Club and being int he lead on this one.

It is interesting to see the skeptics– willing to spend $6.00 per day for coffee that pays no return but not $9.95 to be on the cutting edge of this one.  Coffee is often used to compare — but it works so well. For many, if they gave up two cups of coffee per month, they could cover the cost of this opportunity and have a bit of change leftover.  For others, it might be one less six pack of beer for the month.


The thing is — launch time is soon…. and the true financial risk on this one is minimal.  if it doesn’t work, well, $10 out.  If it does work, potentially thousands per month can be earned.

Isn’t it just another affiliate marketing plan — not really.  A network marketing plan, not exactly that either.  Some sort of pyramid scheme — well, you could choose to look at it that way.  I always see the corporate structure as the pyramid scheme that doesn’t treat people fairly but others seem to see it differently.

You have to decide what YOU think… to that end I just built a small site to share details: http://dream-builder.wix.com/iqkonnect

Let me know what you decide.

Join today as a first inviter and be ready for the launch or sit on the sideline and watch what happens….

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