New Periscope Just Out. See What’s Happening! So You Didn’t Win The Powerball Billion, Now What? It’s Up To You To Create Your Financial Future. H

greig1If you are like me — then you didn’t buy the winning ticket to the BIG Billion Dollar lottery. So, what next?  It is up to US.  Me and YOU!!  We have to build our own empire!  It is Doable and it is possible.

You and I can build huge empires –sellable businesses.  It takes a good strategy or two and consistent– massive ACTION.

I start with the VISION — where am I going? What is the BIG Vision.

Then I move on to the strategy.  This is key. Most people are jumping to tactics.  And they are not stringing them together into an effective and proven strategy. So you do some marketing and nothing happens. You blame the marketing.  But chances are that you didn’t have a full out strategy.

The marketing did its part but you didn’t know what to do with the leads.  My favorite example of this is trade shows.  You pay for a booth, you invest in your display, you come up with a giveaway and YOU FAIL to follow up with your leads or you don’t even collect them.  Instead you HOPE that people will call you and believe me they will NOT.

I have attended hundreds of shows where I have filled out the cards, or left my card and even had conversations about how I wanted the service.  And I rarely hear anything else from the person.

Change YOUR mindset and your strategies.

Join me for EnVision 2016 

You are about to uncover A-level information, so forget about any other browser tabs you might have opened so far. I’ve been at it again, kicking ideas around with the Periscope peeps I came to know and cherish.

Dive into my latest broadcast shared with the World for the first time at January 14, 2016, 7:57 pm, so still fresh enough to give you a first-mover advantage if you’ll act upon it.

Don’t forget to search for “donnaprice” next time you open Periscope on your phone and join my current 3922 followers. Amazing things are coming for all those following my Periscope live streams: discounts, inside scoops, intriguing guests, and fresh perspectives to help you stay on top of your game.

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