Research is Critical When Generating New Business Leads ONLINE

Research Is Key In Generating New Business Leads ONLINE

Developing a powerful online marketing strategy takes planning and research….

New Business Leads for your business can come from your online marketing strategy but it takes research. Without good, solid research behind your strategy you will waste your time. You can have alot of online “real estate” with NO new business leads.

Your online strategy becomes magnetic when you Identify your keywords; understand the needs & desires of your customers;
and then use this knowledge to create compelling content.




Research is not just needed at the beginning of the process but it is vital that research continues throughout the process. You need to track your numbers. Know your traffic numbers, your business growth numbers and continue watching how each strategy is working.

Are your social media sites generating new leads? If not, go back to your research and make changes.

Track numbers on each social media site, your website, blog, — track everything!

Being the bean counter for your business will amaze you.  You will see things you didn’t know and that will compel you to make changes and improve your results


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