Monday Morning Checkin

Monday Morning Checkin 1It’s Monday morning and a great time to checkin with yourself on YOUR plan for the upcoming week.

My daily practice plan — is designed to support my BIG vision and my daily profitability practice is directly connected to my business growth.

What is your plan for the week?

Do you have a daily practice? Does that daily practice support YOU- mind, body, spirit, prosperity….?

Do you have a profitability practice for growing YOUR business?

Create a plan.

I have a daily practice plan to address ME…. keep MY head in the game and my health on track…

My daily PROFITABILITY Practice is all about growing my business.  What do I NEED to do each day that helps my business GROW?  What are your daily profitability practices?

Journalling is one of the tools that I use to help me. It is part of my MIND plan but it also connects to my SPIRIT plan…. journaling helps me to look at my challenges and fears and becomes the place I use to brainstorm the potential solutions.

When you brainstorm ideas for overcoming fears, challenges etc. You are more likely to push them aside, overcome them, or walk through them.

Use your journal weekly or daily to make your plan and celebrate your successes!

Monday Morning Checkin 2Join the weekly focus group on Wednesday at NOON — connect, share, collaborate… Register for the focus group via ZOOM REGISTER HERE

This weekend, I attended a training that gave me 29 ideas for content development over the next 30 days. I believe that training is part of my responsibility as the CEO — personal and professional development.

As CEO, I am also responsible for scaling my business UP.  I see training as part of my strategy and then my daily practice plans put it all into action!

Having a plan is going to help you make this happen. Scaling up is the goal…. GROWTH — leads to your financial freedom and time freedom. If you are like me, then that is what you are going for.  A business that is prosperous and supports me, my family, my goals and vision and has NOT taken over my life.

The weekly focus group can be a great place to put on your CEO hat and focus ON your business growth!!

Watch this week for our new Dream Maker’s Club…. it is going to be INCREDIBLE!!

Monday Morning Checkin 3Pick up the Visionary Womenpreneur’s Field Guide

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