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mobilefriendlyMobile Website Setup Needs To Consider Content To Be Effective

Cell phones have all but replaced landlines, and while they’re not likely to replace the desk top computer completely, (at least any time soon) hand held and smaller devices are likely to replace many personal computers as they become more user friendly. As an Internet marketer your job is to stay on top of your market, keep asking, keep testing, and find out if you need a more mobile friendly website now before you’re left behind.

Some things to remember about mobile content marketing is that as of today, mobile phones are not computers, at least yet. There are some limitations such as:

Screen size — They’re small.  While they are getting bigger in terms of what cell phones used to have for screen sizes, compared to our giant monitors on computers they’re tiny. This is something that must be taken into consideration when developing content for a mobile device.

Input method — No matter how great we think we are at text messaging, punching in text and navigating menus on a cell, never mind a website, is a lot harder on a cell phone. Make navigation as simple as possible.

Multiple Platforms — Unlike with the Internet which tries to have some standards in terms of languages and coding, there still aren’t any standards for mobile devices. The types of mobile content that your visitors can see and interact with is limited by the type of cell phone or mobile device that your potential client uses.

You need to build your site so that it can accommodate the different operating systems.  This is achieved via your web designer or if you are using WordPress (which I hope you are), then you want to have a responsive theme.  Responsive themes adjust to the screen.  There are also plugins that can assist in making a site mobile friendly.

Borrow phones so that you can check your site on different platforms and see how it works on a variety of phones.

Don’t assume that your site is one that is only visited by people at home or in the office.  People are on the move. They are doing their work on their phones.  You MUST be accessible to them on their phones.


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