I just spent the past two days with an incredible group of people.  They are my mastermind group and I hope to introduce you to many of them over the next few weeks and months.  They each are building incredible businesses and helping me to do the same.

Masterminding is an incredible experience.  You learn so much about yourself, where you need to challenge yourself, how other people see you and so much more!!  You also learn from other people and their successes, challenges, ideas…..

I have come home in the “flow” and I have many, many ideas.

One thing that was exciting was everyone’s excitement about Bizology.Biz — people are interested in accesing it for themselves, their clients and sharing with their lists.  kI am excited becase the more I work with Bizology.Biz, the more I see it’s values.  In fact, I use the lessons myself and get myself back on track with them, or refocus or create a new PR calendar…..Take a look yourself and see if there are ways that you can use it personally for your business or partner with me in a JV partnership. 

Over the next few days and weeks I will be making some changes, adding new opportunities and changing pricing — especially on the Entrepreneur’s VIP Coaching program.  

I am excited and want to share with you how to get into the “flow” of positive energy — creative energy and stay there.

Let’s talk — sign up today for a laser coaching session!!


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