JULY 2022

A Strategic Plan is central to growing your business.

It is your roadmap to your vision!

July 2022 Master Class

Strategic Planning Masterclass

Strategic planning is essential to building your business. During this masterclass you will learn why you must create your powerful strategic plan to focus your business on growth.

Learn how the 8 Profitability Accelerators IMPACT your planning.

And, why the Four Pillars of Success are keys to creating a powerful strategic plan.

This Master Class will inspire and get you excited about your business and growth mindset to focus your actions!!

July 26, 2022


Spend your lunch hour focused on growing your business. Donna Price, Business & Marketing Consultant will guide you through the essentials of strategic planning.

Focused & Powerful
Make It Happen

Having focused goals and strategies gives you a road map to the future.

Creating recurring revenue can benefit your business in multiple ways!!

Use Your Strategic Plan to GROW Your Business Predictably in 2022!

Your Master Class Leader:

From Cross Country Cyclist to Outdoor Leader to Business Owner — Author, Speaker & Marketer

Donna Price has lived boldly and brings that boldness to her work…. from a 72 Outward Bound Leadership Course to a cross country bicycle tour to jumping into business..

Donna Inspires Leadership

It’s not just talk, it’s experience, it’s a passion for empowering leadership, creating the space for leaders to emerge and supporting their journey along the way….

Values That Guide

At the core are values of commitment, perseverance, courage, responsibility, fitness & risk. Each support a vision of success and boldness.

Keynote Speaker

Workshop Leader

Passion for the outdoors

Cycling, kayaking, camping 

Mom, Partner, Wife

My Most Important Roles

Absolute love 

Donna Lynn Price has been working with business leaders since 2003 and Compass Rose Consulting has evolved from its beginnings as a leadership development resource to add marketing strategy and business growth as a focus. Donna is an extraordinary mentor and business coach. She has been helping people achieve their goals for the last 30+ years. Her passion is in seeing the moments that people create their own “aha’s” and understanding. By gaining personal insight and ultimately movement to their dream and vision, 


Donna is inspired and her life’s passion is fulfilled. It’s not enough to have a vision; you have to live the vision.