List Building — Does It Help Grow a Business?

List Building -- Does It Help Grow a Business? 1 The Power of Lists for Small Businesses

Small businesses are also using list building to expand their reach in market-place. Being a small business owner, focusing on building a targeted list of interested prospects can grow your business, but it starts with you sharing YOU and your knowledge through content.

List building should be your top most priority of your marketing strategy. Generating a valuable list can be challenging for small business owner. A list has the power to become the focal point of your business. When you have a list of customers, you can keep them informed of new services or products and increase revenue through repeat business. When you have a list of interested prospects, your first goal is to build rapport and educate.

You do not want to start off selling.  It is a real turn off to people, as they do not like to be sold.

Building Rapport can be achieved through your emails and through your content.  Provide value, right off the bat.  Give, give, give.

This includes educating. Educate your prospects about you, your business and your solutions to their problems, but do it with a style that is not salesy, pushy or overbearing.

You want to think about the “What’s In It For Them” as you develop content.  Can you provide them with your expertise and help them learn HOW to solve a problem that they are having?

List building helps you to reach the perfect audience.
List saves your time, money and other resources
You can customize your message to the correct audience to get a better return on your investment.

With list building, you will be able to get huge success in your niche market if you do it in a correct way. Here I am going to show you the strategies to empower your list building –

  1. Reveal products to the new audiences with Joint Venture:

Joint venture is one of the most effective list building marketing strategies where you advertise or promote a product and service of another party or to a segment of your list. The commission is generally divided into 50/50 but some of marketers set it as high as 75%.

Joint venture helps you to build a deep-rooted relationship with a specified list that have happy customers and you can sell them numerous times. It is not one-time deal when you have closed a sale and deal is completed. In real, you get a new customer that will be happy to from you again.

When you have a joint venture partner endorsing you, that helps the people on their list to be interested in your offering.

  1. Creating Specific Videos to motivate the prospects:

Videos are the quickest method to grab the attention of your audience. By creating short and informational video, you enable them to get complete info about your products or services

Before starting with videos, you need to keep in mind the 10 X 10 X 4 content creation formula which includes –

  • 10 most general queries regarding your business and 10 prime queries your visitor can ask.
  • You can create 20 videos to solve these issues within a three minute video.
  • You can also build four more video that have the basic focus on leading prospects into your sales funnel and facilitating ultimate purchase.

You can include a link of your website with relevant keywords in the description field and create a channel on video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion etc. or you can create them via Facebook LIVE and then share them to other sites.

  1. Hosting Free Webinars Offers New Sales Opportunities

Webinars are a great method to build interest, get leads for your list and possibly make sales.  With the help of webinars, you can add a punch to increase your email list which enhances your communication with customers.

GoToWebinar, Zoom and ZohoMeeting are the popular webinar services that have some pros and cons. You can include a “BUY NOW” button at end to hamper your marketing efforts.

The bottom line — list building should be prioritized.  Get people on your list FIRST, then build your relationship and then make an offer.  Do not reverse the order because people will RUN.

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