LinkedIn Advertising Business to Business Strategies

Best LinkedIn strategies for B2B marketing

LinkedIn is a professional social media network. If used properly, it can bring in lots of opportunities for marketers and professionals. LinkedIn is a proven business to business lead generation tool.

LinkedIn is an unique social media platform with an extremely specific audience which is very different from all of the other social networks. The following are some of the best LinkedIn strategies you can use to attract highly qualified leads, and use LinkedIn to bring your business more money.

Create an attractive Company page:

Your company page is the reflection of your brand. It creates the first impression of your business. It provides you the opportunity to brand your business and show some personality.

The first thing noticed by people is the picture used on your company page. For creating an effective impact, you must use an image that clearly defines your message, what you do and why people should look for you.   Take a look at few attractive LinkedIn company pages.

Expand beyond your company page with a Showcase page:

Is your brand too complex or big to feature on one page? If yes, then LinkedIn has a solution for this: Showcase pages. Showcase pages are niche pages from a company, and it enables companies to showcase specific products or features of their brand to a specific buyer persona. It allows businesses to cater and promote their brand to a specific audience for that page.

Optimize your company pages:

Optimization creates valuable search results for your company pages. Optimize your LinkedIn company pages in the same way you would optimize your website for search engines. According to Stephanie Sammons,

Your LinkedIn Company Page will also create a valuable search result for your company.”

Spread Keywords throughout your content to help your page pop up in LinkedIn searches, and be found by the right people.

Be part of groups and create your own:

Look for groups that fit your interests and the industry you work in. LinkedIn ranks a group highly based on their activity level. Therefore, try to be in active groups. Once you’ve become knowledgeable about the group and related activities, create your own group and establish leadership. Invite people who are right for your group, i.e. try to add people with similar interests and who are from the same industry.

Use the advanced search option:

Optimized LinkedIn company pages and groups give you a good start, but doing nothing with them will not benefit you. Keep fueling your growth with the advanced search option to get new prospects and qualified leads.

AT the top of your LinkedIn page, you’ll see a search bar. Click the word “Advanced” next to the search box to start your in-depth search. As soon the search results appear, you have the chance to connect with people that match your search.

Always send a personal note to the new connection explaining why you contacted him. Don’t ever try to sell in the first messages, just offer something helpful to them.

LinkedIn — Making it happen!

With these strategies in mind, you can maximize your presence on LinkedIn, and use this powerful tool to drive more qualified leads to your business. LinkedIn is the best resource for B2B marketing if used properly, but without proper knowledge, it is merely a time-sucking social media platform.

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