Lessons Learned

doublecheckDid you ever notice that there are lessons that you learn by making mistakes. At the time, you think, ‘Wow! I’ve learned that lesson!’ Only to find yourself making the very same mistake again, and once again learning the lesson.  Each time you think you’ve learned it.  Why is it that we have to keep relearning what seems so obvious and simple?  I know that it baffles me!

Well, I just learned it again…. Here’s the lesson: Check Everything! And then check it again.  I had two web pages that we set up.  I was sending people to them!  They seemed fine to me.  I could see them. But then, I checked the links and with one — the entire category was protected.  When I researched how that was possible, I found that MANY categories on this site were protected.  “Who did that?” I thought… but it had to be me!  Then i clicked another link to find the dreaded “page not found” page.  WHAT!!  Another link is wrong — “how can that be?”  Heck, didn’t I just learn that very lesson a minute ago!!

Check and check again.  But the real key is that you need to be SIGNED OUT when you are checking links.

What lessons have you had to learn and relearn?  I know another one that I keep re-learning is pressing the save button.  How many documents or posts or whatever have you lost because you didn’t save occasionally? Then the computer freezes/crashes/blows-up and there it goes –right down the drain!  I know it has happened to me and it is SO frustrating…but I continue to miss that save window occasionally!  Take a second and share one of your “lessons learned and relearned!”


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