Welcome to the Book Writing, Publishing and Marketing Workshop

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Week 1: Brainstorming Your Topic

Week 2: 30 Day Book Writing Formula

Week 3: Publishing Platforms — The HOW to of Self Publishing

Week 4: E-Book Publishing

Week 5: Your Author Platform/Creating YOUR Marketing Platform

Week 6: Marketing! Marketing! Marketing!: Becoming a Best Seller; Your Book Launch Events; Online Book Marketing

A complete book publishing course from idea to published.

We will be meeting in a Zoom Meeting Room twice during this course.  All of the course content will be available to you in the member’s area, along with workbooks, and checklists.  Come to the LIVE calls with your questions, challenges, successes!

Here is the link to the Facebook Group:

The course is divided into Sessions and Modules. Below you will find each session and then the corresponding modules. Hit the arrow to scroll through the modules. Each session is contained within the section. Be sure to download the workbooks and other materials before you start a session. I always recommend printing the materials out so that you can jot down ideas and complete the exercises. This is a WORKING session! It is designed to guide you through a process and have you working on YOUR book!!