Unlimited Laser Coaching

For Small Businesses and Non-Profits

Unlimited Laser Coaching for a Critical Time!

Why coaching? Why now?

Coaching supports YOUR goals, YOUR dreams and helps YOU to take action to make them YOUR reality!!

Laser coaching is designed to give you unlimited access to a coach, when you need it.

Pairing coaching with training gives you the tools to really put your ideas into action.

The Unlimited Laser Coaching program is designed to make coaching accessible and affordable. The program provides — unlimited one-on-one personal coaching, a new premium training program every 90 days, action focused.

15 Minute Laser Coaching Calls — UNLIMITED

Here’s how it works!

Get started with a 30 minute Quick Start Call

  • Clarify Vision
  • Set Goals and Action Plan
  • Overcome your Biggest Challenges
  • What keeps you up at night
  • The results you want, that you don’t have
  • The results you have that you don’t want
  • Your line in the sand
  • Next Actions — leave the call with an action plan!

UNLIMITED Laser Coaching all month long!

  • Unlimited 15 Minute Make It Happen Laser Coaching
  • Schedule Your Call
  • 15 Minutes of Laser Coaching
  • Receive the call recording and your action plan
  • Complete your action plan
  • Book your next session


30 Minute Marketing Blue Print Review

  • Review Progress
  • Set the Plan
  • Measure Progress
  • Next Actions

Choose A Mentor By Your Side

Why a Mentor?

A mentor helps you to — Brainstorm Brilliance. A mentor can hold you accountable. We all know that it is hard to truly hold yourself accountable. But when you tell someone else what you plan to do, your accountability, your follow through increases!


A Coach by YOUR Side

I stand by you, helping you find the actions to make your dreams your reality….


A mentor is there to offer guidance, training, resources and to challenge you to think BIG and take MASSIVE action. Even when it is hard or scary or outside of your comfort zone.

When you do this, you start making BIG ideas your reality.

A mentor’s interest is YOUR success. But they are NOT invested in HOW you get there. You are the one making all of the decisions. Your coach or mentor is there to help you stay on your path, stay motivated and knowledgeable.

And they are there to celebrate with you!!

Laser Coaching pairs fast, focused coaching with training resources


Every Quarter Access ONE Premium Program


M – Marketing

A – Action

P – Planning for

S – Strategic

S – Success



Use the lessons in Bizology CORE to achieve your vision and goals. Marketing strategies, business operations, foundations.

Purpose Project

Finding your life’s purpose is the first step in leading your business and creating success. Without a true vision, success eludes.


Self Care Project

12 months of self-care ideas and resources for focusing some of your time on YOU so that you can show up your best!!

Join the Visionary Womenpreneurs Private Facebook Group

The private Facebook group provides a forum for connection, collaboration to grow your business and share it with the world.


Don’t Go It Alone

I would be honored to be your coach

Choosing coaching is very personal. Choose a coach that inspires you, that you can work with, that you “vibe” with and one that knows more than you.

Unlimited Laser Coaching



Less than $84 per Month

Unlimited 15 Minute Laser Coaching Calls

60 Minute Quick Start Strategic Planning Session

60 Minute Marketing Planning

60 Minute Blueprint Review every 90 Days

BONUS: Access to One Premium Program Quarterly (Value $800)

Bonus: Full Access to BizologyCORE — with new marketing tactics.

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